Even now the pain sweeps through me,

And it is because I think of her all the time…

How wonderful a person she is,

Oh, how we thought everything would be fine.

Yet, we can no longer be friends, says she

It can ever never be so, says she.

Yet, wasn't it so up until now?

We could be friends again easily.

I know that maybe it's too much to ask,

For an angel and a devil to remain close

But the fact of the matter remains…

The devil cares for the angel the most.

Pain runs through us both,

And when separated, it flows more harshly.

I know my angel is ever so hurt now,

And I wish I could take all her pain unto me.

I wish I could be there to sooth her fears,

And relax her mind from the fight.

Oh, how I wish we can be friends again,

And let her know it will be all right.

Maybe it's forbidden for us to be friends,

But it's certain that it's written in the stars.

And I'll still care for you,

No even if I was exiled to the planet Mars.

I hope my message runs clear,

Through this poem and it's meaning.

It's written by my heart and care alone,

I hope you understand what I'm feeling.