It's funny how our mind plays tricks on us,

How it makes us believe that we are not what we seem.

I can see an angel right before of me,

Yet she claims to be a vampire.

Perhaps the pain that runs though her veins

Makes her forget how she causes relief for others,

And how, when she is with others, her own can dissipate.

I'm certain an angel stands before me, I have the prove:

How could a vampire cause happiness through presence alone?

How does a vampire prolong some ones life through contact alone?

How would a vampire be loved by so many, and hated by none?

Only angels could save a life from certain destruction.

Only a being so close to God can understand her opposite number

Only an angel on Earth can see the goodness no one else can see.

So tell me again, are you an angel, or a vampire?

I lean towards the former choice, and I should know:

A devil can surely tell the difference between his 'sworn enemy',

And the presence of an ally.


You aren't my sworn enemy….

You are my friend.