Chapter 1. Csestra

Like a large puzzle with many missing pieces, we were incomplete. We were aware of the fact that there were eight of us in all. Yet we had no idea of what the others were like. Still, we must have been drawn to each other somehow.

It was strange, to know that one had family somewhere that you didn't know. Brothers and sisters to each other, but only in the sense of which we were each created by the Lord, given purpose, power, and existence as the same type of being. So in truth, we were not related at all.

I guess we still felt like family though, I know I must have to have unknowingly been searching for them. That was until I met them anyway. They ruined me and put me together. With each step closer I took to them, one more piece of the puzzle was attached.

The puzzle isn't complete yet, and it well never may be. But I suppose life isn't meant to be figured out. Even as an immortal, I may never understand it. No... Even as Knowledge...I will surely never be able to get it right.