Chapter 17 - Evening Writings

An end to one search

I find myself, now

Held in one place

Before many roads.

Which step I shall take

Down a new path

That reveals new answers

To questions I behold


Forever I have, yet time

May never be so kind

Leave no waste, but do not haste

I shall get there soon.


What little life offers

So much it forces upon you

New companions I've found

More problems to encounter

But hear me say this, Lord

Destiny no more holds my fate

Than does the world chain me down


Silith looked over her little poems, nameless and truthful yet mere scraps of incomprehensible thoughts. She'd always had a certain love for poetry, though she did not really use it directly in her everyday speech as Dacohnt seemed to have a hobby of doing. Then again, she supposed that she spoke in a similar way when it came to philosophy-related things.

A sigh escaped her lips. Philosophy-related...the Origi were an entire philosophy in themselves. Both seperately and together. Perhaps this was why her views changed slightly everytime she bumped into them. Or rather, she was able to think more deeply. Her perspectives could be torn apart, then she could sew them back together while adding new ones inbetween.

Ah, but it was hell. It was torture. Everyday spent with them felt like growing up in a way that made her feel so...humane. Was this the gift of complexity bestowed upon them? Was it this humanity that was to help them understand the rest of the world? Maybe it was so..

She laughed and stretched a hand up towards the moon. It was a half moon that night, a night of thoughts and conscious dreams. This was the turning point in her life, the very first. It would not be the last. Like the moon she admired so, she was going through a single phase. But there was a difference. Whereas the moon had only eight phases, she would have an endless number as long as she lived that long. The thought scared her a bit, but it was natural. She could admit that.

So, she met the others of her race, the only other seven that truly belonged. She now had an idea of the whole picture. And she could glance at a small insight on the workings of the Lord's mind. All these satisfied her greatly, yet they did not. But atleast...atleast the story of her meeting them was satisfying enough.

She was sure now, that whether or not she was Csestra, a sage, or a vampire or philosopher, she would never unlock all the mysteries she came upon, for one unlocked door would always lead to several more locked ones. She would always come back to the beginning, and she would always find herself lost in some sense or other. But who cared?

This was her purpose, her life, this was her way of satisfying her mind. The reason for her meeting her so-called 'family' also. In fact, it may as well have been that she was supposed to meet them like this, only so that the Lord could tell her, or show her, that Silith would always have things to think about, things to solve, but never be able to find a true answer. Perhaps...this was humanity, in its purest form. This was the real gift that the Lord had given to this young vampiress. Being the Mistress of Knowledge was not a purpose, a job, or a title, but a gift that suited her quite well. Being the Mistress of Knowledge meant she was to learn and understand the purest form of this 'humanity' that ruled over the universe to the best of her ability and maybe even more.

Lord of Ends...

Silith softly called out into the still night.

"My eternal Lord of Ends..."

Thank you...for making her this way.