After a million torments, I barely stand.

My life laying in a million pieces on the floor.

Yet, this torment will be nothing compared to tomorrows,

Where I guess I'll have five million more.

Pain streams through my frozen blood,

And takes over my body like a flood.

What can I do to piece together my life?

It resembles a jigsaw because of shattering.

I don't want any hope for tomorrow,

Because whenever I stand, I take a battering.

I'm going under, I'm going under…

What did I do to deserve it, I wonder.

How can carry on living,

When no good will come of it?

I can't learn from all this pain,

Or from this never ending pit.

I must move on, I must forget,

Forget it was happiness that I met.

I have to leave behind my life

Shed the dead skin, start anew.

I will leave London, go elsewhere.

I'll say goodbye to everyone I knew.

This is my goodbye, I won't say it.

It's going to be hard, I have to admit.

But it can't be harder than this,

So I'm off to find some bliss.

Please forget me…