One Day

Welcome to fake life; are you having fun?

Hope you are, cause sooner or later things'll catch up to you

You'll be running from the truth

Hiding from your own mistakes

Denying it all through your pearly whites

One day, you'll find a girl you really want

Not love, want

And she's not gonna take it

She won't put up with the double-timing

She won't put up with the cheating

She won't put up with the lying

She won't put up with the scheming

The flirting, she'll see right through

The mask you wear is too thin for you

This girl, this girl won't be blind

Poor you, you'll finally be exposed

For the fake

For the lie

For the ass you truly are

One day, you'll be sorry you ever were a jerk

Cause reputation's a bitch

And the pride you take in your immature infamy

Will turn around and slap you in the face

As all those ignorant girls you've fooled should have