This confuses me. But then, I'm a very confusable person. Feel free to tell me what you think about it.

You always told me what to do, how to learn, heal, love and live. You gave me advice that was meant to be friendly, but it tore my world apart. You offered a shoulder to lean on, but it was covered with spiked armor. You made me stand on your feet to learn how to dance, but you dropped me on the floor. You told me to look to you for help, but you're invisible. And I've had enough.

You can't live through anyone but yourself, and I most certainly won't allow you to use me as a vessel. Go out and smell the flowers, go out and smile, go out and get a life. You've used me for your own ends that you erased my own goals to make room for your own. If you can't see, hear, feel that, it's because you've been using my eyes, ears and hands for too long. If I wanted your help, I wouldn't even have asked for it. I never needed you. I needed a real friend, a real person who knows when to stop. Who can sense the lines not to step over. Who can see the boundaries that should be drawn between us.

I used to love you, but you've used me so cruelly, blatantly and thoughtlessly that I have learned to love beyond who you approve. I have learned to think beyond what you try to tell me. I've learned to put up shields, so no one will sneak in when I'm vulnerable, and try to control me once I'm strong again.

I've learned to hate you, dear one. You, your mannerisms, how you look, how you act, how you live (or forget to), your friends, your life, everything there can be to hate and more, dear one. And when you finally run out of people to suck the life out of, I will be there to laugh and dance on your grave. It does not matter that you were really once my dear one. Now you're nothing more than a shell, refusing to let your soul return to your own body.

Come back to the real you, and I may yet love you again, dear one.

Not in reference to anyone I know. I just got really mad thinking about someone named GREASE MONKEY BANANNA ALGAE who I really, deeply and truly… dislike. (lip curled in disgust) I won't go into details of my… dislike for him, because there may be children around. And have a Jolly Rancher day!!!