I feel like letting go,

I feel like letting go,

I feel my time has come and I wont stop it,

The pain just wont go away,

No more

No more,

I cant keep doing this,



My heart feels like its,

Being torn,


And more,

But the pain wong stop,

It just doesn't stop,

I cant keep it at bay anylonger,

My sanity beging to fade,

I can feel it slipping ,



Into the night I feel the darkness surround me,

Feeding on me,

Tourturing me with its,

Lonley nights

Lonley nights,

That I just cant escape,

No matter how hard I try there just seems to be only ,

One option left

One last option,

To end all things that I know,

And walk away from this life


Now ,

I'm gone.....