Deep Into the Red

Note: A story of the Job's (rhymes with "robe") family's struggle in metro-USA with bills. Even with food stamps there is hardship. But they sell all they don't need and continue to gain their financial independence.

Dramatis Personae

Ethan Job

Jade Job

Terra Job

Sara Job

Mara Job

Chapter 1—Doleful Existence

The Job family had been having a rough time making ends meet day to day in a metro town that was always up to date on everything. Despite all of this, the Jobs were living on food stamps and finding it hard even to live from those. They had looked for help from various sources but no one had ever really taken the time to step outside themselves or their busy schedules to really lend the Jobs the assistance they needed. At last, they had decided to help themselves. If they wanted Terra, Sara and Mara, the three identical Job sisters to continue going to school and enlightening themselves, they would have to do better than food stamps.

Chapter 2—Go And Sell Everything Unnecessary

The Job family decided to hold a yard sale and sell items that they no longer needed. Mara's baby clothes, baby toys, pacifiers, bottles, beakers, plastic plates with cartoon characters as decoration…anything that seemed pointless, mundane and irrelevant was sold to people that needed the items desperately. It was interesting to reflect upon the objects they had used in the past but they were pleased to be helping others with what they no longer needed.

The Job yard sale lasted for about two weeks before they had collected enough money to become somewhat financially independent. However, there were the problems of rent and taxes. Part of what they had earned would have to be used to pay all of this off. Ethan, Jade and Terra already had jobs but the younger children would have to find jobs themselves if they wished to get the family on their feet. Besides, the triplets were old enough to be emancipated but they decided to stay with the family for as long as possible in order to help them with their debt. Somehow they would be able to get back on their feet someday.

Chapter 3—Financial Freedom

Every so often, Ethan would try his luck at the community lotto. He always bought a ticket on Wednesday and won small amounts of money from time to time. However this time the jackpot was immense and he wanted everyone in the family to get a ticket. Fortunately, the triplets were of legal age and they could buy tickets themselves. With inflation continuing to rise, getting a house, let alone a car for transportation would be difficult. But, with their determination, they were going to defeat their debt, or at least most of it.

The Job family never considered that they would be the fortunate group to win the lottery. At first they thought it was some sort of joke, that someone with a wretched sense of "humor" had led them to believe that they actually won something that at often times was impossible to win. However, they had won it, even if they were in disbelief and flabbergasted about their turn of good fortune. Even though they would only be receiving half of the prize money, the rest of it would go to paying off what debt they owed and giving the triplets a place of their own. Together, the three could support each other and visit mom and dad when they were on vacation.


From the rough, rocky road they had traveled before, the Jobs found themselves traveling a road that was far more smoother. Certainly, there were going to be times when life gave them lemons but with those lemons, the Jobs would always be able to make lemonade.

Albeit it was difficult to see the triplets go and let them out into the real world, they lent their helping hands whenever dear mom and dad needed them. Whatever happened, they were a team and nothing could separate them, not even thousands of miles.

The End

August 9, 2005