Narks and Sparks

Note: Cody, Cole and Loretta lead the "Narks & Sparks" department at the local police dept. They do drug busts and deal with "sparks", "sparkers" and "pyros" are what they call fire-starters in the area. This line of work is extremely dangerous and they risk their lives every day but they do so to keep civilians like us safe.

Chapter 1—A Dangerous, Worthwhile Existence

Cody, Cole and Loretta were probably the most courageous officers in their field at the police department in California. They called their area of expertise "Narks and Sparks" because of what they did. They dealt with drug busts, usually incognito, and "sparkers" or "pyros" who were around the neighborhood setting random fires for fun. Of course, they weren't too pleased when they were caught, since setting fire to anything, whether it was property or forest. During this time of year, more dealers and sparkers were being brought to justice. However, the responsibility of keeping Californian citizens safe wasn't always the most stable position to have in the working world. Where these brave souls went, no one else would ever dare to tread.

Chapter 2—Life and Death Situations

There had been many times the Narks and Sparks brigade had been facing death and overcome it, but in many instances, sometimes the three of them wondered how they had survived and managed to face each day with so many blessings. They had their families to thank for a soft place in which to fall and they also had faith. Faith wasn't a topic that was brought up very much in the workplace, but at home the three could talk to their family members about the occurrences of the day and how they were thankful to God that they hadn't been injured too badly.

Sometimes there were some scary unpredictable situations that the three couldn't control, even if they wanted to. Often when the three were faced with drug users, the addicts were so unpredictable that they would do anything, even commit suicide, to make certain they received what they wanted. It wasn't uncommon for the addicts to be armed so the brigade was always prepared with bulletproof vests. Sadly, bulletproof vests didn't always protect them from bullets that could explode, catch flame or pierce armor. One such frightening occurrence happened when the three had caught up with some addicts that were fleeing by truck. Their haul was tied down in the back of the truck bed with reinforced ropes. The drivers were already driving erratically, subdued by the side effects of the cocaine they had recently inhaled.

Once the drivers had wrecked the truck they had begun to flee on foot. Before long the addicts were surrounded and the three police officers ordered them to put their hands behind their head. The manic leader, the biggest and burliest of the addicts, threatened them with a gun that one thought could only be used on the battlefield. Before Cody knew what hit him, he had been struck by one of the gun's armor piercing bullets. The backup that had gone with them shot out taser charges and the addicts were immobilized. While the other two were tending to Cody's wounds, the immobile perpetrators were taken to jail.

It looked grim for Cody for a while. Cole and Loretta had been waiting for him outside the operating room, wondering how much blood he had lost and where exactly he had been hit.

Cooley, a young surgeon stepped out of the operating room and gave them excellent and reassuring news. Cody had been hit in one of his lungs just below his heart. If the bullet had been any higher, he would've bled to death. Fortunately, the lung had been patched up and he would have some pain and difficulty breathing. Despite all of that, he had lived through this horrifying experience and would more than likely be honored once the perpetrators were given their sentence in court.

Cody was probably the eldest member of the Narks and Sparks brigade, but he had intense amounts of energy. The recent fright hadn't sapped Cody of any energy and he was just as cautious as ever. He was saddened that he couldn't capture some of the criminals himself but he had faced danger and had overcome death. In time, his scar had healed and it didn't hurt to breathe as it did in the past. To this day, he is still involved in the Narks and Sparks department and continues to bust crooks and take down would be pyromaniacs.


California is a safer place thanks to the brave souls who serve the Narks and Sparks brigade day after day. Their lives are never dull, although they risk their lives more often than not simply trying to keep the California precinct safe from wrongdoers. Their families, the ones that support them most, are always there for them at the end of the day (especially if matters have been rough at the office), and love them dearly no matter what. Thanks to these fine individuals, we can rest easier at night and come to realize that wherever there are evildoers, these courageous people will stop them in their tracks and bring them to justice.

July 25, 2005