No war is just!
The people cried,
No fight is worth the cost!
Paid for by those men that died,
No battle worth those lost.

To late to stay,
The damage done,
The war was underway.
Set to go until 'twas won.
Till death had won the day.

The soldiers fought,
The nations clashed,
Success was dearly bought.
People cried, their souls aghast
At losses war had brought.

And war does grow,
And soldiers fell,
Both those of friend and foe.
And the war began to tell
On those who were at home.

The war did end,
The violence stopped,
The wounds began to mend.
Once more people did adopt
Their lives to which they tend.

And talk does cease,
And memories fade,
But don't forget the least
Of those who went and paid,
Paid their lives to give us peace.