I am Joel, aka nobody. If you saw me walking down the street you would know something was wrong, it's the eye liner isn't it? There are lots of things that are different about me. For starters I love marmite (how wierd is that?) I also wear alot of black, and of course, I'm gay. When I started school and saw all my friends chasing after the girls in pink dresses trying to kiss them I knew I wasn't like that, something was wrong with me. I had my first kiss with another guy as well. His name was Chris, he was what modern societies call a nerd. I didn't like it very much. That was when I was fourteen, I haven't had a girlfriend or a boyfriend since. I'm not bragging or anything but I'm quite good looking. I get asked out by girls alot, and even turn some of the guys heads. But I never let any of them near me, I can't stand it. I like to go out at night, to where no one gives a fuck who I am, Camden. Nobody knows I'm gay, not at school, not at home and none of my friends. I think I would have told my friends if they actually existed, which they don't. I've been contemplating suicide since I was fifteen (I'm seventeen now) but I'm too lazy to try anything. I don't think anyone would notice anyway. I am also what you would call a mummy's boy. I like my mum, she's cool. She taught me how to bake. Yeah, I bake, and I'm good as well. If I told her about my sexual preference I don't think she would mind, but somehow it's always been a secret, my secret. Some secrets are born to be told, but not this one. I'll take it to my grave if I have to, and besides, that might not be too far away.

I should probably tell you more about my life, not that you'll be interested or that it matters but I'll tell you anyway. I live in wonderful London, the city of teenage drinking and chavs. My dad died when I was little, and to tell you the truth, I don't miss him or care that he's gone. Maybe all these years of loneliness have made me a cold bastard, they probably have. Mum is a singer. She's not famous or anything, she just plays at gigs at pubs and bars. She writes her own songs, she wrote one for me once. It was called 'My baby boy' and she made me come to the gig when she sang it. She even pointed it out, I cannot even describe how much I wanted the earth to swallow me that night. I am doing my A levels, it's boring as hell. Then Mum wants me to go to university, I want to go and live in a cave for the rest of my days like a hermit but we don't always get what we want. So I guess I'm going to uni. yey.

I like to help out around the house, washing, cleaning, shopping. It gives me something to do, and anything's better than writing suicide letters to non-existant friends who couldn't care less if they found out you'd topped yourself. I didn't know I'd meet her doing my duties as a son, but I did. We needed milk and bread, so I offered to go to Tesco's and get some. Our Tescos is always full of chavs and screaming babies, it reminds me of being on a plane. If you don't watch out sooner or later you are being yelled at by some mum in leggings and a lycra t-shirt because you stepped on her foot. But I went anyway, to please mum. You know in every school or college you have the preps and the punks and the nerds and the Hottie? Well she is the hottie to end all hotties. This, of course, is not my opinion.

Her name was Gloria and she was sweet sixteen. I spotted her giggling in the bread section with her friends that fateful trip to Tescos. She was so beautiful, always being followed by guys, always envied by girls. Her long hair was dyed blue. She liked to wear army boots and guy's t-shits, probably to hide her perfect body.

"So, girl, did you ring Matt back?" A preppy blonde haired ditz asked her bobbing up and down with excitment.

"No, Chelsea, I didn't and I never will. I don't date losers. I don't date anyone" Gloria replied rolling her eyes. It was true, Gloria never dated anyone, that's what made her so irristable to everyone but me. They call her Glory because she's so great. Sad, isn't it?

"I bet you I can get Glory into bed" Some dimwitted guy would yell to a friend in the street.

"I got a date with Glory!"

"That Gloria, she is sooo fine" It was all lies, even the one about her being fine. She is beautiful because she is confident. Anyone who doesn't have his brains in his shorts can see that, which is nobody but me. It was while thinking this that I realised I needed bread. And the wholemeal brown bread that my dearest mother wanted... was sitting behind Glory. I had a choice. I could wait here, lurking around in the frozen meat section, waiting for them to leave, get home late and be yelled at for not being safe... or I could march up and ask her to move. Part of me desperatly wanted to wait, but the stronger part of me was telling me to go for gold and tell the so called 'Glory' to move. So I did, and that decision changed my life. I squared my shoulders and marched over to her friends, who quickly fell silent. Glory looked me up and down with interest.

"Yeah, can I help you?" She asked me sweetly.

"B-b-bread" I stuttered, mesmerized by her sparkling green eyes. She looked at me strangly.


"Bread" I repeated more clearly "Please move, I need to get some bread" Glory smiled.

"Yes... Joel. You can have your bread" She laughed throwing me a loaf "and you can also have my number, ring me" I was so shocked from her knowing my name that I dropped the bread. Gloria's minions laughed.

"Shut up" Glory said fiercly and they quickly ceased. I took the piece of paper that she was holding out to me, I could see her black nail varnish was flaking.

"Maybe... if I can" I replied, almost whispering. Was she playing with me? Why was I acting like this! She's a girl for god sake! Remember, you don't go for girls, you are strictly guys only! But somehow this didn't really register to me at that moment. I just remember she had the most beautiful eyes.