I am falling again
Victim to the fatal mind trap
Of wanting so bad to be wanted
Not so much of compromise or giving in
But just the fact of lacking
It's a vicious cycle
If you think too much, you lose
If you care too much, you die
Be patient
Your time will surely come
But what if it doesn't?
Doomed to forever be on the outside looking in
Different time, different place, different people
Same circumstances
That vicious cyle
Ridden solely on perceptions
Fueled by anyone but yourself
You're fine for awhile
Some might even say happy
But then something, one thing
One insignificant thing
Can shatter all that has built up
You arrive to the bottom
And scrape in vain to reach the top
Superficiality is key
Reach the top just long enough
To taste what you cannot have
Because you are never satisfied