Crazy Writer's Rant

A memory


A half moment really


Over and over

But, for the first time

Repetition is the most blissful gift I posses

Each detail

Each color

Each shade

Laced with modest perfection

A subtle miracle

A whisper grand enough to scream across the universe

A reminder

A memo of pain

So vivid

So tragic

Yet so incredibly gorgeous

A connection

A link between two contrasting compliments

Too strong to overlook

Too overpowering to ignore

Too magical to regret

Too reminiscent of bitterness to adore

To worship

To dream

Yet, still, with each waking moment

With each secret second of slumber

With every awkward phase in between

I'm dreaming

I'm wishing

I'm lost in my world

The worls of yesterday

And I year so terribly for it to be just a fragment of the magnificent world of tomorrow

One can only pray for that tomorrow to be magnificent

For if tomorrow only brings sorrow




Wouldn't that cause all my dreaming

My worthless dreaming

To be miserably in vain?