Do you ever feel the way I feel now?

As if you just can't take another step

Like you just want to fly off over the vast Pacific

Like you could just curl up into a desolate, dusty corner and die

Like the gloomy fog will never dissapate, even in the prescence of blazing sunlight

Like you've lost your map and your sanity almost simultaneously

Like your mind is a broken record and your heart is just broken

Like no word you say will suffice

Like no breath you take is enough

Like nothing in the whole world matters

Yet one central idea consumes you with the confusion and sadness of the pessimistic side of rain

Like nothing you have really exists as anything more than an asset, even the people in your life

Like you could just scream into eternity and still not a soul would give a damn

Like the world is completely oblivious to your pain and internal conflice

Like you can't even confide in those closest to you for fear of their reactions

Like you know people all too well for your own good

Like you wish you could just get away, take a train to nowhere, or maybe somewhere

Somewhere that you could reunite with others, reunite with yourself, find yourself, find purpose

Do you ever feel so incomplete without someone there for you?