I shall revolutionize the world through my words,
because the word is my most powerful weapon,
and I'm it's ambitious owner.

With greed comes ambition.

No longer will my ideal be a dream...
For I will rise up from the bottom and reign on top.

With ambition comes a purpose.

And so I issue a warning to the best of the best.
Stay on your guard and just wait for me, because
sooner or later, you will eventually acknowledge the movement.

With purpose comes a revolution

Write, until you can testify to the god of poetry,
and when my day comes... Pray.
Pray for the gift to revolutionize the world.

The world, under the fluence of...

- Arcane Devices (ADD-san)

A/N: Dedicated to poets out there who strive to get better. My fellow comrades, this one's for you.