Necessary Evil

Notes: This was the original NE ending, which is now simply posted for the readers' sake.

Forgotten Epilogue: Eternity Begins

A feeling of triumph surged into Thomas' body. He was the Almighty. Everything would yield to him. However, there was one question that annoyed him. Could there be a "Greater God" out there somewhere that had started the events. If so, where did such a deity come from? Would this deity be like an Overman? Would this deity even care about him and the TUL? Turner brushed these questions to the back of his mind. He would have an eternity to find out.

Congratulations, Thomas. You realized I exist.

Are you that "greater God" I thought might have even started the cycle in the first place?

I am not a "greater God," but I sent the events into motion.

Then who or what are you?

Harron. Jave Harron.

Where did you come from?

I am a fellow transcendent, and you are my creation. I have transcend trillions of your years before you, though, and in a parallel universe. I created this cycle to see if you could break it. You have, and my experiment was a success.


Yes. Enjoy your rewards, Thomas. You have earned them.

One question. Why me?

Why not you?

Why not Iwan, or even Bressian?

The reason you were the "focal point" of the experiment was simple, Turner. You are me.

What do you mean?

You are my Analog. You are me in a parallel dimension. You have my ideals. You have my beliefs. You have my traits. You are me under different circumstances of birth.

So, you were originally a human?

Yes, I was.

Is, or was, there a "greater God" above you that created you?

Yes, there was. There was a God above that, and a God above that, and so on for infinity.

Then I'm a link in a chain…

However, I have something I will do for you. You have been limited with only one universe. I shall connect you and the TUL to a multiverse. You have my protection. Now, you shall be as gods.

I don't know what to say.

Then I'll be going. Have fun.

With that, another universe reached the highest stage of existence.

The End.