For anyone wants to read something interesting, or maybe stupid, this may be the thing that you're looking for. I'm going to remind that I'm just going to be realistic on writing this essay. This is one crazy essay. This is a fact that I think everybody already know especially teenagers like me. Anyway, it's really up to you whether to agree or not. Well, just read it in order to find out.

Well, I'll go straight to the point on my crazy essay. This essay is based on my own observations and opinions. Anyway, did any of you thought on what the heck is the use of our subjects in school? It's true that we need to go to school in order to learn many interesting and 'useful' things about each subject. The main question is, do we really need it all in life? Come on, be practical…OF COURSE NOT. There are many useless things inserted in our brains that we don't really need. Think about these subjects: Math, English, and Science for once. Think about their differences and similarities.

Let's say in Math, do you think that we really need to learn things about Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics? What's the use of all these in our daily lives? Do we get to mention the x and y axis when we're at home or just outside? What advantages do we get from learning all about linear equations, inequalities, proving, derivatives, quadratic angles, or even the never-ending sine, cosine, and tangent? It may be nice to learn about those stuffs but it's really not needed for our social living. Why do we need to strain ourselves by learning all those things if all we need to learn about math are the four fundamental operations right? We're just going to have painful headaches and before we know, we already have wrinkles from thinking solutions for those meaningless problems. We don't really need to memorize confusing formulas in solving problems. We only need to learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide...and that would stay forever. Many topics in math are most likely to be forgotten by a normal individual except, if that person is really dedicated on learning those stuffs. Well, I wish that person luck.

English, I think, is the most useful subject but still, I don't think that we really need to learn thoroughly about noun, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, etc. Even at our house, we can learn English. What's important is that we must learn how to communicate using that language. It maybe used when going abroad for work in order to earn much money for living (now that's useful!). English itself can be learned by one's own effort. When we're at our own house, we usually speak on our own languages right? I know that many people think that why should we still need to learn English if a person don't want to go to abroad? Well, it has a point. Not all us want to go to work abroad and would rather stay in their own country. Can't argue with them, it's their own opinion.

And now, for Science. It's one of the subjects that most students actually hate because of Chemistry. I myself can't understand the purpose of chemistry in our daily living (I'm not saying that it's useless). What's the point on learning about the moles, elements, compounds, confusing formulas, solutions, etc? Being a chemist is not included in my dreams anyway. Do get to mention on what water is made of whenever we drink? Or maybe we should call salt sodium chloride? Who cares about those things? The important thing is we eat, drink, and live. I think that Psychology is the most useful topic to learn about science. At least, it let's us understand on how people think and behave. It's also part of our social life. I'm not saying that all topics in psychology can be really useful. Biology can also be useful for some reasons I think, but I'm not really that interested. In physics, is it really practical to learn about free-fall, projectile motion, collision, equilibrium, work, power, etc? Do you think that we really need to compute or to measure on how much power we are using everyday? The work we've done? The Newton or the joule? Whenever something is falling, do we need to measure its free-fall? I say, that's absurd. No one's that crazy to do all of those things right? I'm not saying that it's bad to learn those things, but I think that it's really not that practical right? Just think about those things.

I also want to mention elective subjects like music, arts, computer, or maybe military. These subjects are most likely to be thought during high school years right? Are students supposed to take all of these subjects? I'm saying this because some schools make these electives compulsory even if students are allowed to choose. Or should these subjects be really included in their curriculums? I think not. Like in music, arts, and computer…is it really practical to teach those things on a student who's not interested or doesn't have any talents on those matter? Of course not right? Not all students are good on those things. We can't blame them. Each person has its own strength and weaknesses on each subject. Teachers get to be mad whenever a student fails on those subjects. I think they should stop and think for a second about those things. For military, do military teachers actually think that all students would open-heartedly defend his or her own country? What's the point on learning how to move like a soldier if students are not going to use it afterwards? I think military should only be thought on those students that are really interested. Don't you think so too? If there's a war, do you think that students will do the left and right facings? What a very formal way to move during a war.

Well, that's almost all of it. I wish that you had a great time reading my crazy essay. As crazy as it is, I wish there are no hard feelings there somewhere ok. This is just based on my observations and opinions. I'm just a normal person studying in a normal school. I'm not saying that I hate those things. I'm just being practical and that's all. Nothing serious.

Just to let the readers know, I'm not saying that education is useless, it's actually important. I'm actually taking Computer Science now and planning to take computer engineer afterwards. You just choose whatever courses you want. I know that it's good to know many things, but it's also true that all of the things we learn are going to be useful in life. This is just based on my observations and comments from other students. It's not that I don't think of my future, as I said earlier, I'm just being REALISTIC. I just wish you know what I mean by that. I'm not lazy or anything, if I were, would I bother to write this long essay? And I'm not planning to be a vendor or anything like that. Agree or disagree, it's really up to you. Well, I'm not expecting all the reviews to be good. I just want to know what you think, that's all. Please work with me so I could tally it ok. Thanks.

Whatever reviews you would give me, I would kindly appreciate it whether it's good or not. I don't hate all the subjects that I mentioned. Actually, I love most of them especially computer, music, math, psychology, and English. I don't rebel on those subjects. The fact that I hate chemistry is true because it's so hard. Imagine a teacher who finishes three chapters in a day and you'll know what I mean. That's all. I have other intentions for writing this essay and that's for you readers to discover. Good day!

P.S.: Remember to study hard and pass all your subjects because if not, you might have a failing grade and your parents or teachers might get mad at you. (just kidding) But still, STUDY HARD!!!

This is just for "daily living" and that's that, nothing to be serious of.