The drums vibrate

Elephant in power

And prowess

The chants

The rhythm

The voice

Do nothing but set me free

I am neither bound to the earth

At my feet

Or the heaven at my eyes

With the spirits dancing with me

Smiling and laughing

Tonight is the celebration of a lifetime

I twist and turn

Bound to nothing but the drum

And that feeling of peace


And everything

Rooted within our purpose


As there are two sides to every story

And two platforms to weigh justice

Blinded by the happiness of brotherhood

I feel my inner beings awaken

Stretching as my hands

Reach to touch them up and


They move as I do

Side to side

Back to back



Turn like the axis of

Our mother

Grace falling from the stars

Embracing us

Spinning till we meet the ground

Dizziness will not outweigh the laughter

As She helps you up

You are

Possessed without the possession

But carrying no possession

Because in this path

There is no room for selfish desire

I wallow in the kind of peace

Where to sprout my wings would

Complete the cycle

I fall again

And get up off your feet

Because they are calling

My ankles weak no longer

There are no braces

Weighing us down

As we choose to praise our ancestors

Those embodied spirits before us

Clamoring within the drums

Never forget the music

But always smile in the dance

We belong not to the world

For the world belongs to you

And you to Mother

How else could life be?