Before anyone takes offense to what is written here, please keep in mind that what I write is based on several observations I've made about the current trend of interracial relationships, and many of the comments made by my characters do not at all reflect my ideas. I've written this to better understand what I see as both a blessing and a curse in many cases.

It may not be true for your area, but where I live, practically all the white/black relationships go in one direction: black male and white female. The ratio of that to white male/black female is probably somewhere around 50:3. (In fact I see more black men going outside of their race than actually being with black women.)

I do enjoy seeing that boundaries are being broken down, which is an amazing thing. But the walls are mostly being broken for the black man, while the black woman is being left behind. That makes me wonder, does anyone find the African American woman attractive anymore, or are we looking forward to dying out in the future if no one – not even the men of our own race! – is willing to date or marry us. This is an attempt on my part to understand (and bring understanding to) the several viewpoints that exist among us and better cope with what's happening.

If you think this piece may anger you in any way, then please don't read any further. As for others: learning to cope, wanting to understand, or just a bit curious; thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.

Please feel free to review. I won't be offended.