The fire burns
Without, within
As it spurns
Humanities sins.

It rages through
The violent soul
One thing to do,
Destroy the whole.

No water can extinguish
The might of the blaze
Produced by such anguish
That burns through the haze

Of memories past
Yet still remembered
And the fire spreads fast
Sparked by the embers

That quietly smolder
In the depths of the mind
The impartial holder
Of thoughts of the kind

That enrage, that hate,
That burn, that boil,
That anger, that bait,
That betray, that spoil,

That twist the spirit
And perverts the life
Of those who are near it
Who are controlled by the strife

And still refuse to change
And inflict pain on us all
Who deserve to be hanged
And from life's embrace fall.