The Forgotten Shack

By Simply Shelby

Is there a specific place in the recess of your mind? It's the place that you can seem to remember every vivid detail about, though you haven't seen it in years. It's the certain area that haunts your memory, like a shadow behind you. It's a place you cannot forget. This abandoned shack was such a place.

It was like an eerie graveyard, a place where old things were put to rest. The humble brick fireplace, blackened by years of crackling fires, now stood frozen and ash-filled. The winds murmured and wailed against the rickety boards that attempted to keep it out. A lone rocking chair swayed, as though a ghost was settled in it. The shifting motion blew away the dust layers covering the mahogany carpentry to reveal the elaborate carvings. Only to be entombed, once again, by another sheet of thin dirt.

The weak shelter veiled the intruder with an involuntary shudder of trepidation. The floorboards were blanketed in aging filth and groaned underneath the pressure of heavy footfalls. The cold of the season tasted bitter to the tongue and the sickly smell of surrounding pine trees dizzied the senses. A meek spider scurried nimbly to its cracked home in the corner. The cobwebs, visible in the sinking sunlight, were weaved strategically in corners and reminding the intruder of the age and wreck of the hovel.

A trickling sound reminded the intruder of the world away from this unsettling shack. Beyond the grimy shattered window, the low gurgling of a far-off beck echoed around the room. A sharp burning breeze flurried in as the flimsy door flew open and ricocheted closed. The shack was once again abandoned, but to be seen many times… in a memory.

It's the place that haunts the back of your mind's eye and hangs over you like an overcast cloud. It's a place unrecalled but in a memory revisited. It's a place that stays with you forever. It's a place you remember and beg forget.