Goodnight and Goodbye

Blinded by tears which seldom fall
I struggle on.
I reach the wooden knob, pull it open.
See the glimmer of the steel against the moon's rays.
I take the object by the handle,
Can't take this pain anymore,
And as cliché as it may be, I have to do something about it.
I press the silver to my flesh and gently score a line.
It is sharp.
I pull it away and trudge upstairs, back to the room.
My face feels cold, the tears have mixed with the chilly night air,
The air conditioning is too high.
I see you lying in your bed.
Our bed.
Well, my bed.
Lying so peacefully. Glad someone can.
Glad somebody is able to have decent nights sleep.
Cuts and bruises make the night so troublesome.
But the blue really compliments my eyes doesn't it darling?
If I were gone, you'd feel remorse. I know it.
You'd feel some guilt at the violation you inflicted upon my person…
You'd cry and weep, and wish for a second chance,
Until some skank comes along that is.
Then I'd be forgotten as quickly as the last whore,
And the whore before that, and before that…Oh well, all good things must come to an end.
And so must all things bad.
Your skin is so soft, and your smile so sweet,
Nothing like your awakened self.
I run my fingers along your jaw line.
Chilly, must be the AC.
You stir in your sleep.
Don't want to wake you, but then wouldn't want you to miss the show either?
What you turned me to do. It all ends tonight.
I place a kiss to your lips.
I see your eyelids flutter open.
The coughing sound takes the place of what would have been my name.
Doesn't really go with your eyes does it?
But I think it compliments hell beautifully.
Sweet dreams, love.
Goodnight and Goodbye.

Writer's Craft class assignment. That is all.
Quite weird if I do say so myself....0o