Hallowed Be The Fatherland

Never had Janis Zweiblutten seen her grandmother's face as angry as this. "The Pontiff is allowing this! This is unbelievable!" The pinch-faced old believer made no sign to hide her displeasure.

Janis looked outside. It was a humid day, with the temperature almost as hot as several people's tempers. Outside her window, groups of people were shouting at each other. The City Guard was putting themselves in between several of the larger mobs, but it seemed they were merely overstretched. For every mob of a dozen or more, there was a single Guard.

"It's bad enough you're with those blasphemous guilds! It's a shame you have to live in a sinful day and age as this!" her grandmother lectured. "I wouldn't be surprised if fire rains from the heavens and burns that Godless Kaiser!"

Janis knew it would be good to leave. She would hate to have her crazed grandmother lecture theology. She was as open minded as a closed vice, as Janis sometimes joked. She had a new commission in the Apothecaries Guild. The guildhall she was supposed to report to was just outside the Imperial City, near the Dunabe River's mouth. About an hour's walk. Best to leave now before a riot erupted in the city, her grandmother continued her lecture, or both. She grabbed her things, and bolted out the door. It would be the start of a very peculiar day, at the very least.