Don't Know


Everyone says that I like you

But I say no

How do you know when you're in love?


I think that you're cute and all,

I enjoy hanging with you,

I tell you stuff that I don't tell others,

You know me best,

You're always there for me.

What does all that mean?


Some think it means love,

I say no,

But I think it might be,

I don't know,

I kind of want it to be,

Then I'd know I'm loved.


But I don't know how you feel,

Maybe you don't feel anything,

Maybe you feel everything,

I don't know.

And I don't want you to break my heart,

So I say it's not love.


Then what is it that I feel

Every time I hear your voice

Or see you smile?


I want to know how you feel,

But I'm too shy to ask,

So I'll never know,

Unless it shows.


I don't know,

Love is a funny thing,

It's hard to find,

And it makes my world blind.

I don't know


I do

Love you.

But do you love me?

I don't know.