No reply

No response

Not a single word at all

You may send it back

But without comment

Without words

Without any substance

I don't care about nothing

I care about what's up with you

Not an empty answer

A wordless page

Why even bother hitting reply

If you're not going to actually care to write?

Why even bother telling me how much you miss me

On the rare occasion you actually respond

When most of the time you don't care to reply?

You think I just receive nothing

When really, I get a lot from that glaring white blankness

I see nothing

But I feel pain




You say you don't have time

You're busy

I pretend to understand

You think I'm just some loser

With no life?

Nothing better to do than write to you

Hell no

I don't think you realize just how much

This all hurts

The whiteness overpowering me from the empty screen

It's killing me

Would you care more if you knew?

Maybe I should tell you


How I feel

About everything

But I'm sorry

The white screen also took something else of mine

My backbone