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Prologue: Time Is Our Enemy


The shadow of a young woman position herself in the shadows as she spied on another figure just below her. Perched on the roof of an elegant shrine, her hazel eyes narrowed at the sight of the intruder. Although the night was late and the air was cold, the intruder was persistent in breaking into the building. The moonlight gleamed as its light bathed the tip of the woman's weapon. She smirked as she watched the intruder pulled back his fist and punched through the window that led into the dark shrine. Her smirk grew into a pleasant grin. Poor thing. He didn't stand a chance against their security system.

On the floor, the man cleared out the glass and crept slowly and stealthily into the building. His rapid and short breaths ensured that he was nervous and his eyes darted up and down the dark and eerie halls. His boss had told him that four girls lived here, but he did not see any sign that anyone lived here. As he planted his feet on the ground, the man remembered what his co-worker told him:

Watch out for the dark. Because if you are captured and surrounded by the dark, your fate has been sealed. It is in the darkness that lies your enemies. These girls are not human. They creep quietly, covered by the shadows so the intruder does not know where to look. Shadowed by the darkness, their victim has no chance. No one has ever ventured into the Hitokage shrine and lived. It is said that all those who enter that shrine, perish by the huntress and the shapeshifter.

The man swallowed his fear as he ventured down the halls. He silently hoped that his co-worker was wrong and was only telling him this to scare him. He silently prayed that all four girls were out of the shrine doing something else. He had heard tales of these girls. They never lost a fight and only few selected people knew who they really were and where they really came from. The ground squeaked and beads of sweat began to pour down the sides of his face. Surely they hadn't heard that?

Convincing himself that he was safe, the man continued down the hall. It was dark with no signs of life, nor any sign of another window. He was trapped if those girls ever caught him with no place to run or hide. Shaking his head, he cleared the paranoid thoughts out of his head. He was here for one purpose and he was going to complete his task. He had to get the Konjou Kyuutai and return it to his master.

As he walked down the hall, eerie whispers began to fill his ears. He stopped and listened briefly. Another co-worker of his said that he should never stop walking and ignore all the tricks those girls were going to throw at him. He continued walking and the whispers stopped. The man immediately regretted taking this job. As he listened for more whispers, his eyes darted around, looking for an exit. He found none and proceeded to concentrate on his surroundings.

It was then he heard it.

Footsteps. He heard footsteps. Small little clicks coming from behind him. He stopped walking once again and turned around, expecting to find someone. When he didn't, he turned around. No one was there. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him and he was finally going crazy. It was all his co-workers fault. They planned to get him worked up over nothing. It was obvious that there was no one here and that his mind was finally playing tricks on him. As he was about to walk down the hall once more, the whisper of a lone female filled his sense of hearing.

"Ignorant fool," the whisper said harshly. "You should not have come."

The man began to become extremely nervous. Surely that wasn't real? Surely it was his mind, but something in his mind triggered his 'fight or flight' reaction and the man immediately began to stumble. Hopefully the window wasn't too far off and he would make it out alive. His boss was crazy, the man concluded as he ran down the hallway. As he ran, he noticed that hall began to become never ending. His nervous sweat multiplied as he began to let out small yelps of anxiousness and worry. Where was the window? Where was his escape? The whispers started again.

"You gambled your life upon entering this building," another female voice said with much distaste in her voice. "You shouldn't have come. Now you will never find your way out again." The man kept on running, and the whisper sounded amused. "Keep running little man because you're going nowhere."

Out of breath, the man stopped running and began frantically looking around for the owner of the whisper. Looking down the direction he was running away from, he noticed no one. No one was there, no one was following him. Yet, somehow he felt like he was beginning watched. He turned around and screamed. There, on his throat, was the tip of a gold dagger. He shrank and looked up at the presence before him. A young woman approached out of the shadows, her fierce red eyes glaring at him. Frowning deeply, she said, "You shouldn't have stepped into this place." She narrowed her eyes. "Who sent you?"

The man remained silent and the young man position her golden dagger so it was ready to cut through something. She growled and said, "Tell me now otherwise my Sai will go through your throat."

"Come now, Kimiri," a newcomer said smoothly. The man began to whimper in fear as he felt another sharp weapon poking his back. "Must you be so hasty? The man is scared out of his wits and you expect him to talk to you? Never be forceful to a hostage."

"Cathedra," Kimiri snapped as her red eyes turned to the other young woman before her. "You do things your way and I do things my way. Let us be so I can question this intruder properly."

"Through what method?" Cathedra snapped back. "Kill first, ask questions later? No, we need answers now. Let me handle this." The young woman dropped her weapon from the man's back, clasped it to a small hook on her hip and swung the man around so he was facing her. She clutched his shirt tightly as her hazel eyes glared at him with immense intimidation.

"Are you…" The man asked quietly as his voice rose several octaves. "Are you the huntress and shapeshifter." Cathedra smiled causing the man to pale further. This was exactly the situation he was warned to avoid. A run-in with the two most dangerous people on the earth, the shapeshifter and the huntress. The protectors of the shrine. He was lucky that their two other companions weren't here.

"Who sent you?" Cathedra asked, shaking the man from his thoughts.

Swallowing the man said, "A thief. An especially dangerous thief named Kovico. He sent me here to steal the Konjou Kyuutai and bring it back to him." The man began begging then, "Please don't kill me. He just recruited me off the street after I was released from Jail Row. I have no idea why he wants me to steal it for him."

Kimiri instantaneously put her golden Sai on the man's throat. "That's a lie. Something tells me you know exactly why this Kovico wants the Konjou Kyuutai. Tell me now or else."

"Okay, okay," the man said, his voice filled with desperation and fear. "He told me that he knew the Konjou Kyuutai had a great deal of power and he wants to use it to destroy his enemies and take command over the world. He said that he would get rid of anyone that stands in his way, including you girls, but that's it! That's all I know!"

Kimiri's eyes narrowed as she and Cathedra exchanged glances. Sighing heavily, the red-eyed huntress turned so her back was facing the man and her companion and so she was looking into the darkness, "Yoshimi." A glint of silver and white reflected against the girls' weapons as a young girl appeared out of the shadows. "Yoshimi, I want you to take this guy to Jail Row and make sure he never gets out."

"Done!" The girl squealed as she walked up to the man. The man paled even further and began to feel faint. The ninja girl. He heard about her also. She was supposed to be extremely strong as well. What made her appear more dangerous was the fact that her aim was accurate and she always appeared sweet and friendly. You would never knew when she would attack you or if she even considered you an enemy. You never really knew if you were safe from her.

Yoshimi grabbed the man from Cathedra's grasp and with a bright flash of pink, momentarily blinding the two girls, the two disappeared from sight. Looking at Cathedra, Kimiri noticed that the shapeshifting girl wore a grim expression. Breaking from her train of thought, she said in a stern voice, "We need to check on Meguri and the Konjou Kyuutai and make sure both are okay."

"We also need to get to know this Kovico," Kimiri pointed out also, "and find out if he's really as dangerous as he sounds. If he is, we need to make preparations."

Cathedra nodded. Kimiri looked down to the floor and found a small piece of paper on the floor. She studied what it said and then looked to the side to find that Cathedra had already turned into a raven and was flying down the halls. Looking back at the paper, Kimiri once again read the words on the paper. Written in crude, bold red letters, it read:


A young woman bowed before a shadow and then looked up at him, "My master, it seems that Kaito has failed. He was captured and thrown in Jail Row. Those inferno girls petrified him so much that he won't even talk to the jail guard."

The man frowned and turned his angry eyes onto the woman, "That's not all, is it?"

"No, my master," The woman replied. "It also appears that Kaito has told the girls of your plan to steal the Konjou Kyuutai. They now know of your existence. All it is is a matter of time before they completely discover what's in store for them."

"Then we must act quickly." The man said.

"Kovico, my master…" The woman began.

"Do not hesitate," Kovico snapped. "Time is our enemy. If they catch on to everything then our plans fail. I want those girls exterminated and the Konjou Kyuutai in my hands! Warn all that if they fail, they too will share the same fate the Konjou Kyuutai Senshi. Failure is not an option."

"Yes my master," The woman said quietly as she backed into the shadows and disappeared.

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