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Chapter 1: The Game Begins


A white orb illuminated a dark room. A small halo around the orb seemed to give the milky, white orb an angelic appeal. Yet with that angelic appeal, was an attraction. It seduced all those who heard of its power. It was like a siren beckoning its pursuers to their destruction. It also cursed those who were forced to watch over it. It cursed them and their lives when they swore to guard it, and its guardians held distaste for the said orb. To some, the orb was a giver of power, but in reality it was destructive and dangerous. It was a taker of lives and power. It was a force to be reckoned with and not meddled with. So it lay dormant in the dark, silently calling all to it.

Sitting across from the orb was a pair of onyx eyes, silently watching it. The owner could not move for fear of the orb being stolen. After all, it was powerful. It was the Konjou Kyuutai and as the keeper of the Konjou Kyuutai, it was her sworn duty to protect it at all cost.

Sighing heavily, she moved from her sitting position to a more comfortable one. She didn't know how long she was going to be in here. Cathedra and Kimiri merely ordered her to come and watch the Konjou Kyuutai. So, she obeyed and sat in the quiet and dark room. Waiting…in the dark.

"I hate the dark." The girl muttered to no one particular. Who would care? She was here sitting in the dark, all alone. However, as she lamented to herself, she failed to notice another figure slip into the room.

"We know you hate the dark," The figured replied to the keeper of the Konjou Kyuutai. The young girl jumped at the sound of the unexpected, new voice. Turning she saw one of her companions watching her with a sharp gaze. Shrugging to herself, she got up from her chair and walked up to the orb. Once the orb was in her hands, she smiled. Raising an eyebrow, the newcomer asked, "What are you doing, Meguri?"

Meguri rolled her eyes, "Do you always have to monitor me, Cathedra? And for your information, I'm just holding it. I am the keeper of the Konjou Kyuutai, after all."

"Yes, but I know that whenever you smile like that, you do something crazy." Cathedra snapped, her hazel eyes narrowing considerably. "You can't mess around that orb. You, if anyone, should know the legendary tale surrounding it."

Yes, she did know the legend. It was pounded into her head during her training to become the protector of that blasted orb. Cathedra had also pounded into her head every chance she got. Legend had it was that it could the dimension apart if used incorrectly. Shaking her head, Meguri put the orb back on its podium, "Why are you here? I know for a fact that it isn't for a friendly chat."

Cathedra sat down in the seat Meguri was previously sitting in and placed her feet on a chair that was across from her. "We have a problem. There is a thief by the name of Kovico that's going to try and steal the orb. That could mean big trouble if he gets his hands on it."

"What could mean big trouble?"

Yoshimi entered the room, a bright smile on her face. Obviously she had returned from jail row and registering the small criminal into a jail cell. She walked into the room with two drinks in her hands. Handing one glass to Meguri, she glanced between both of them. Meguri frowned.

"A thief is planning on coming here to take the orb. Well, we could always set a trap and the tie the guy up," Meguri replied simply, and looked at the other girl and smiled. "Yoshimi, you'll help me, right?"

"Of course!" chirped the silver-eyed girl jumping up slightly, hyperly, causing her neat white hair to fly up then swish down.

"Now, what we'll do—" Meguri began.

"You idiot! This guy is stronger than you are! Everyone cowers at the mention of him," Cathedra nearly shouted.

"Let's not forget smarter," someone said bluntly from the darkness. Meguri rolled her eyes, Cathedra smirked and Yoshimi gasped out of surprise.

"Hello Kimiri," Cathedra greeted blankly as an ebony-haired teenager walked out of the shadows and stood near the three others. The older girl's calculating red eyes gave her silent greeting and let Cathedra continue speaking, "She's right you know. Thieves have a tendency to be able to outwit their victims."

"Oh come on, this guy is probably a ballerina," Meguri joked, and then added silently mostly to herself, "A lady ballerina too."

Apparently Kimiri heard what she said because the stern and quiet girl frowned and glared at Meguri, "I know you think this is all fun and games, but for once, just once Meguri, take something seriously. If this guy actually succeeds we are in big trouble. End-of-the-world trouble."

The room went silent. It was well known between the four girls that Meguri and Kimiri would sometimes clash heads because of their different personalities. Meguri was more cheerful and had an open life. Meguri's master, when she was training to become the keeper of the Konjou Kyuutai, was very kind-hearted and treated her like a daughter. So, overall, the girl became cheerful and light-hearted. Whenever she heard dark things, the redhead would often brush it off with a joke.

Kimiri, on the other hand, was more practical and serious. She led a tough life and always had to watch out for herself growing up. She took threats seriously all the time and very cautious about everything. Because Kimiri was quieter than the other girls were, she had a tendency to get annoyed easily with Yoshimi and Meguri's foolish antics whenever the two girls decided it would be funny to pull a prank or become insanely hyper. Which was probably the reason why Cathedra and Kimiri got along well – neither went insane and if they did, they have been incredibly drunk to go hyper.

After a few moments of silence, she sighed and shook her head. "I gotta go. Later."

Without another word, Kimiri disappeared in a bright flash of red. Cathedra rolled her eyes and looked at the remaining girls. It was always Meguri that got Kimiri pissed off and then she, Cathedra, would have to deal with Kimiri's anger and moodiness. It was hard enough as it is to keep Kimiri on one mood. "I should go too. You two better do something to help around here. Tighten security or something."

"Yeah, yeah," muttered Meguri, taking a swig of her drink. Cathedra once again rolled her eyes. How she tolerated these girls were beyond her. Cathedra though was the calmer and more logical out of the girls. She tolerated everyone and was used to their foolishness. Although the second oldest, she was probably more experienced with Yoshimi and Meguri than Kimiri was. Kimiri, was after all, the last one to join the girls at the Hitokage Shrine, and that was only four years ago.

"Fine, whatever," The shape-shifter muttered. "I have to go. Maybe Kimiri thought of a way to get rid of the thief."

Meguri waved bye as she watched Cathedra swiftly turn into a falcon and fly away. The redhead bit her bottom lip, took another drink of her beverage and savored the delightful taste of strawberries. She honestly couldn't understand why Cathedra and Kimiri were so uptight about this guy. He was probably a pansy compared half the guys they went up against and that's a whole different story in itself.

Meguri shrugged. "I don't know what's eating them. This place is perfectly guarded. Not even an ant can sneak in here."

Yoshimi had been pretty much quiet during the discussion of the other girls, but something inside of her head doubted what Meguri just said. Glancing sideways at her redheaded companion, she murmured, "Maybe someone could get in here, you know, if they have the right stuff and they planned it perfectly or something…" She paused briefly and then added as an after thought, "Or they could be experts."

Meguri rose an eyebrow, "How do you know it's more than one?"

Yoshimi blinked several times before shrugging, "Well, if it's one person, Cathedra wouldn't be so serious. It's obvious that we could take on one measly demon."

The keeper of the Konjou Kyuutai remained silent for a few moments, considering what the silver-haired fifteen-year-old just said before she drank the last bit her strawberry Gatorade (Meguri's favorite ningen drink). Sighing heavily, she threw away the bottle and stood up and stretched her tired muscles.

"Let's just drop this damned topic. We need to register those souls Kimiri just brought in." Meguri said between her stretches. Along with protecting the Konjou Kyuutai, the Hitokage Shrine served as a "checkpoint" for souls on their way to the Reikai. Sometimes the girls would have to captured lost and wandering souls and bring them to the Hitokage shrine, register them and then let them pass through a certain portal. Meguri and Yoshimi's job was the register the job whilst Kimiri's job (as the Hunter) was to capture the souls.

"Yeah, we have a lot of work to get going to." Yoshimi replied standing up. She looked at Meguri and the two girls laughed.

"Do we have raisins?" Meguri asked as she picked up a pen and clipboard and began to walk towards a room that contained newly captured souls. She pushed a few random numbers on a number pad next to the door knob and opened the door revealing a large dark room filled with luminescent silvery white round souls set in a semi circle.

"I dunno." Yoshimi replied dully and then sighed," Well, let's get to it."

Kimiri frowned as she sat in a huge oak tree near the Regional Makai Park. Despite the fact that it was the Makai, it was still very "civilized" and contained a lot of buildings that ningenkai had – which was probably why youkai adjusted so well to different worlds because their world was very similar to the different dimensions.

Sighing heavily, Kimiri crossed her arms and looked around. Her crimson eyes scanned the park as small children played with one another and parents watched over their children as they conversed with one another. Luckily youkai were so accustomed to weird things happening in their world and therefore never got bothered when a shadowy figure sat in a tree as she searched for someone. As long as you didn't bother them they were fine. It was a perfect policy that Kimiri liked – don't bother me and I won't bother you.

The young girl's eyebrows were furrowed as she scanned the park. She was still pretty upset from the little spat with Meguri, but that's not what was bothering her. What was bothering her was the fact that the person she expected to meet was not here. Right when she was about to give up and leave, she spotted the exact person she was looking for. She slipped off the tree gracefully before walking over to her rendezvous. Several parents were slightly startled by the young girl's sudden appearance, but quickly calmed and ignored Kimiri.

"You are late," Kimiri snapped as she met up with her acquaintance. The young man before her laughed comically as the huntress deepened her glare. Obviously he wasn't fazed by her glares, which pissed her off even more. The fact she had no intimidation over him.

"Sorry, Kimiri," He said after he laughed, "I had another customer. But I'm here now."

"You know I hate it when you're late, Hashi," answered Kimiri hotly, as her crossed her arms once more. "It slows me down and I hate being slowed down."

"You hate everything," muttered Hashi underneath his breath. Kimiri rose an eyebrow, but chose to ignore the remark. Smiling broadly once more, the young man said, "I've brought your new and improved version of your Sais, though!"

Kimiri's angry face softened up slightly – very slightly – and waited for him to bring out the new weapons. Out of thin air and small flash of green, Hashi brought out her Sais, which were wrapped in a dingy, old clothe. He unwrapped the cloth and it revealed to beautifully made silver Sais. Kimiri smiled as she traced her name, which was written on the blade, near the hilt.

Hashi smiled and said, "So, do you approve?"

"Of course," Kimiri said as she took the new Sais and traded them in with her old Sais. Hashi took them, wrapped them in the cloth and then they disappeared once more with a flash of green. He nodded at her curtly and she nodded back before he tried to take off. He was stopped, however, when Kimiri asked, "Do you know of anyone named Kovico, Hashi?"

The weapons master blinked and then stared at the young teenage girl in front of him. He stared blankly, obviously thinking hard before shaking his head, "Not much. Only just the fact he's a well-known thief within both the Makai and Reikai."

"Anything else?" She asked. Hashi thought again and then shook his head.

"Are you talking about Kovico?" a newcomer asked. Both glanced sideways to find two young women staring at them. They were parents Kimiri had scared when she jumped out of the oak tree she was sitting in. Kimiri scrutinized them carefully before she nodded slowly.

"Yes," she said hesitantly, trying to decipher if they could be trusted.

"I heard something about him," the newcomer added. "He's apparently an illusionist and a psychic. He can control minds fairly well. I once heard he used the security guards of some guarded place to steal this very expensive jewel."

Kimiri began to think that this guy was a pushover like Meguri said as she listened to the woman speak. She glanced around Hashi as the woman spoke and discovered he left. Apparently he felt he was no longer needed and went off to his next client. Kimiri was about to tune out the woman when her friend added, "That's not the problem though. His followers are the problem."

"Followers?" Kimiri questioned as she snapped back to attention.

"Yes. They're all very young, but very powerful. Many people have died because they have gotten in theirs or Kovico's way. Many are afraid of running into them. They wander about through the Makai as if they own the place. They wield their power like it's nothing."

Kimiri furrowed her eyebrows in concentration and then said to the two women, "Thanks for the help."

With that, the young huntress left the women to their own devices and left for her next destination: the local bar. Beti, the bartender, always knew everything about everyone. He, Kimiri hoped, might even knew something about Kovico and his supposedly powerful followers.

"Hello." Cathedra greeted a man that seemed to be selling empty orbs dully. She was in a market trying to find out some information on the thief. This particular man looked suspicious with his long brown hair and freakily bright green eyes, although most of him was covered in a long black cloak. Though it was almost a hundred degrees, so he was definitely suspicious.

"Good Afternoon missy." The man greeted brightly. "What will it be then? Spirit orb, soul orb, an orb to keep your keys in? I carry all kinds of–"

"Shut the hell up. I'm here to ask for information on a certain thief." Cathedra interrupted.

"I don't know a thing!" the man said quickly, putting his hands up defensively and backing away from her.

Cathedra smiled, this would be easier than she thought. What an idiot. It was too obvious he knew something. "Alright, let's make this easy for you to understand. It's either you tell me what you know or else your breath will be shortened - eternally."

The man's eyes widened in fear. "I don't know anything! Don't kill me!" he whined. "All I know is that he's a male demon and he has four people working under him!"

"Just as I thought." Cathedra whispered and then turned back to the frightened man. "Okay, I'll spare your life - for now." She began to leave; now off to search for more information since that was obviously not enough. As soon as Cathedra was gone, the man brought out a walkie-talkie.

"She knows of us, sir." He whispered into the object glancing back and forth.

"Good work. Phase A has been accomplished." A scratchy voice replied.

"Heya Ki-chan!" a bartender said happily as the young huntress entered the bar.

Kimiri red eyes stared at the bartender harshly and suppressed the urge not to strangle him – which was very hard because she was very temperamental and very agitated. Instead, the huntress scowled at the bartender, "Never ever call me that! I could give an exception to my friends but not some repulsive bartender like you!"

"Yeah, I'm used to it." Beti said, shaking off the dangerous glare and moved on to ask, "whatcha want for today?"

"Nothing. Just give me information with a side of quickly-before-you-get-it." Kimiri replied menacingly, clearly agitated with everything around her. Beti furrowed his eyebrows and then gave her a look that said he wouldn't talk to her. The young girl rolled her eyes and Kimiri immediately passed him a roll of money causing the bartender to smile.

"What kind of information?" Beti asked almost instantaneously.

"A thief. He has powerful people working for him or so I'm told and I need a name, powers, etcetera." Kimiri replied.

"His name is Kovico, but that's all I know," Beti stated all too quickly. Kimiri narrowed her eyes, grabbed his collar, and glared at him. The young man whimpered. He was so not in the mood to deal with Kimiri's death threats, but neither was she for his foolish ignorance. "Okay, okay, I know that he has four followers – three guys and one girl, but I swear that's all I know."

"Thanks, just give me water." The huntress snapped setting Beti down, and he left happily. She scrunched up her nose. Beti didn't tell her anything new except the exact number of people and their genders. He didn't tell them their powers nor their names. This was proving to be more difficult than she would have guessed.

Beti set down Kimiri's water and as he was about to walk away, she asked, "Have you seen any of his followers around here lately?"

Beti looked up towards the ceiling, thinking and replied, "Not that I know of. People don't tell me their occupations. I know who you girls are because…well…Meguri-san told me." Kimiri grumbled at the mention of Meguri. "Anything else I could get you Kimiri-san?"

Kimiri shook her head and Beti left her on her. Down the row of swirly chairs, two young men were drinking their separate drinks. A young man with sandy-brown hair was push the long bangs out of his eyes and grumbled about how it never fit into his ponytail and then sipped his beer. His partner, another attractive young man, was leaning back in his hair casually. He, like the gentlemen next to him, had his short black hair gracefully fall into his sapphire-blue eyes. Both were being admired from afar by a group of women in their late twenties, early thirties, but neither seemed to notice. In fact, the young man with ebony hair was watching Kimiri.

"Hey…Hey Kyouseki!"

"What do you want Seiki?" he asked dully as he fingered with his beer and then took another drink.

"Doesn't that girl over there seems suspicious." Seiki replied with half a smile looking over at a girl with long black hair.

Kyouseki followed Seiki's eyes. There sitting down the row was a young girl, sitting gracefully in her chair, sometimes talking to Beti and other times sitting there, drinking her water quietly. He raised an eyebrow and turned back to his beer. "You just think she's hot."

Seiki rolled his eyes. Although he did have a point, he said anyway, "No…dude, you can't miss all that power around her."

Kyouseki sighed heavily, scratched his head and then turned a glare towards his partner and best friend, "Senou…I'm going to seriously kick your ass. Remember last time you said that?" Seiki blinked and nodded. Oh boy, did he remember. "Who got slapped again? That's right, me, and I didn't even do anything to her."

"Whatever." Grumbled Seiki. He signaled the bartender over to him as soon as Kyouseki when back to his drink. "Hey Beti!"

"How may I help you gentlemen?" Beti asked as he came to the two gentlemen.

"Beti, who's that girl?" Seiki asked as he pointed to Kimiri. Beti glanced down and noticed that Seiki was interested in one of his fairly frequent customers. As he dried a cup, Beti answered honestly.

"That girl's name is Kimiri, Mr. Seiki," The bartender put the dried glass down. Seiki waved him way and the older man left to attend another customer who was flagging him down. Seiki stared at Kimiri for a brief moment before turning back to Kyouseki, who was just finishing his drink.

"Let's go check her out." Seiki suggested suddenly. His partner looked up slightly shocked, before realizing how the suggestion sounded and could have implied.

"Whoa man! I told you that you think she's hot!" Kyouseki teased with a cheeky grin.

"I don't, you're just saying that Kurai." Seiki muttered as he glared at Kyouseki. As Kyouseki laughed his head off, both boy got up from their seats and walked over to the quietly drinking Kimiri.

"Good Afternoon," they greeted, sitting stealthily next to her.

"I'm Kurai Kyouseki and this is Senou Seiki," Kyouseki introduced himself and Seiki with a bright fake smile. The young girl didn't reply and Kyouseki tried again. "We just came over to ask you something."

"Fuck off." Kimiri muttered finally as he continued staring ahead, not even bothering to glance at the two boys sitting next to her. The boys glanced at each other, obviously surprised by the young teenage girl's crudeness and harshness, but it didn't faze them for long. Actually, it only fazed them for about .5 seconds.

"Sure, Beti hook me up with another beer." Kyouseki told the bartender as soon as he neared. Beti nodded as he once again left to get Kyouseki his drink. Poor man was way too busy today and these kids were going to drink him out of house and bar.

Seiki examined the huntress in silence until finally he decided to speak up, "We've noticed your unusual energy level. Just wanted to warn you about a rapist going around raping pretty girls and stealing their powers." Seiki leaned forward and whispered in her ear huskily, "And you are a gorgeous girl. I'd watch out."

Kyouseki rose an eyebrow and suppressed a snicker. He knew Seiki thought the girl was hot.

"Will you stop following me?!"

The birds in the trees twittered away, frightened, and had the Earth been fragile to shaking easily, the volume of Cathedra's scream could have shook the Earth for several days. She was walking down the sidewalk, a young man following closely. He had a broad grin on his face and his hands were placed behind his head, showing the world how relaxed he was. Cathedra, on the other hand, was walking very tensely and agitated.

The young man she had known for quite sometime and he had a tendency to follow her wherever she went. She wasn't scared by it considering she could easily defend herself against him. It was a matter that he followed her wherever she went and he never left her alone. It could easily get on a girl's nerve sometimes.

"Nope, not a chance." The young man replied with a cheeky grin. Cathedra growled and slapped her forehead. She should seriously wipe the grin off of his face. Logical and probably more calmer than her three friends, she still lost it whenever her personal stalker was around.

"Why the hell do you always stalk me Arashi?" The annoyed shape-shifter asked, hoping to discover his reason for "stalking" her.

"Orders." Hiroko replied simply, shrugging.

"What sort of orders?" The female teenager asked as she raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"Orders to stalk you, my love." Hiroko replied leaning in closer to Cathedra, a bit too close for her comfort. Annoyed, she pushed him away.

"Get the hell away from me, you perv!" She yelled as she walked inside a building, knowing full well it was Beti's bar. She had hoped she would get privacy. Before she ventured further, she turned around and glared Hiroko and threatened, "Follow me in here and I'll make sure you never reproduce ever again."

Hiroko paled considerably, "Goodbye, my love. I just realized I have previous engagement to attend to."

With that, he left her alone and Cathedra eased up quiet a bit. Smiling to herself triumphantly, she continued to walk in to the bar. She quickly spotted Kimiri's long, braided ebony hair and then noticed that she was being hit on by two guys and snickered. She walked to a chair that was only several chairs down from Kimiri and called Beti over. The bartender finished giving Kyouseki his beer and rushed to Cathedra.

"Yes, Cathedra-san?" He asked.

"Mudslide extra chocolate."

Beti nodded and left. Cathedra rested her head on her hand and watched as Kimiri defended herself against the two boys. She wanted to see how long it took until Kimiri finally blew it or she was able to walk away from the boys. Unfortunately poor Kimiri was having trouble because the boys weren't taking a hit. She grit her teeth, trying to calm herself down and not punch the boys in the face.

"Why don't we have a name already?" Seiki asked although he already knew it.

"I don't give my name out to total strangers that I just met; let alone assholes that I just met." Kimiri replied as she got up and walked away. Were those guys really that thick? Couldn't they see that they bothered her? Luckily the huntress noticed Cathedra had walked in and immediately walked towards her.

"Wow, feisty are we?" Seiki said smirking. Kimiri ignored the young male and walked to her friend, who was sitting, waiting for her mudslide and trying to suppress a grin. When the young girl finally reached Cathedra, the shape-shifter finally broke out into a mischievous grin and snickered slightly.

"Nice one." Cathedra told Kimiri as she took a seat next to her.

"You gotta know how to handle men if you're a true hunter." The huntress paused. "Beti, piňa colada, please."

Beti's shoulders slumped as he handed Cathedra her drink. He didn't have a chance to rest, did he? Most bartenders had at least a minute to stop running around. He had no chance. He was too busy because these kids couldn't make up their mind on what they wanted. Sighing, Beti replied dully, "Yes ma'am."

Cathedra took a sip of her mudslide. "Got any info?"

Kimiri nodded as she rubbed the temples of her head. She felt another headache coming on. How joyful. "Kovico has illusion and mind controlling powers. Nothing we can't handle. The problem is his followers."

"Okay, let's go back to the shrine as soon as I finish my mudslide." Cathedra said. "We can talk about his minions there."

"Yeah, and I need to finish my piňa colada." As Cathedra drank her drink and Kimiri waited for hers, the thoughts of the dangerous thief disturbed them.

Hitokage Shrine

"What the hell are you eating Meguri?!" Kimiri asked loudly, eyeing a bowl of black something's strangely that was resting in Meguri's hands. The two girls had returned from the bar to find both Meguri and Yoshimi laughed hysterically while eating a strange food. Cathedra had immediately raised an eyebrow and Kimiri had became irritated with the other two girls.

"Dehydrated grapes!" The redheaded keeper replied her mouth full. The huntress scrunched up her nose in disgusted when she caught a sight of Meguri's food.

"Raisins, you mean." Cathedra corrected exasperated.

"Yeah, that's the one!" Meguri laughed hyperly.

"They've been drinking again." Kimiri pointed out bluntly.

Cathedra nodded glancing at Yoshimi, who was laughing uncontrollably. "It was probably that human drink of theirs. Gatorade, was it?"

"We need to cut of their connections to the Ningenkai. I mean, I bet they didn't even register those souls I brought in." Kimiri said annoyed. She took a seat in a chair and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Incorrect! We did that two hours ago!" Meguri laughed again. The redheaded girl sneaked over to Kimiri once she noticed the girl's annoyed state. Hugging her mercilessly, she said, "You know, Miri-chan, you really need to loosen up. You're always so irritated! You should have dehydrated grapes!"

"Raisins." Cathedra corrected absentmindedly. "You should have been out investigating along with Miri and I." She then added as an after thought, "Not that we needed your help."

"That's right! You didn't!" Meguri laughed hyperly as Kimiri pushed the girl off of her with a growl. Witnessing this "hilarious" scene, Yoshimi laughed louder and fell off the chair she was sitting on.

"We should wait 'till they've calmed down." The18-year-old girl suggested bluntly.

Cathedra nodded in agreement and began examining the girls, "Meguri had a Strawberry Gatorade obviously and Yoshimi had the berry. Note her laughing state."

"I'll go make the rice." Kimiri said with a sigh, leaving Cathedra alone with the two laughing hyenas. Although it seemed strange, rice (any kind) seemed to be the only thing that cured the girls of their uncontrollable laugh diseases as Cathedra called them. Kimiri and Cathedra discovered this antidote one day when the two left for a job and came back with Yoshimi and Meguri laughed hysterically. Kimiri and Cathedra fed the girls whatever to try and calm them done until they came upon rice. Thus, the antidote was created.

After an hour of making and feeding the rice to Meguri and Yoshimi, the girls finally calmed down - much to the relief of their two companions. Meguri, being the first to calm down, said, "So, what's up?"

"We're up against illusions and mind control." Cathedra replied bluntly, referring to Kovico. She then got up, picked up her plate and went and placed it in the sink. The four girls had traveled to the shrine's kitchen once the rice was made and eventually decided they should all eat down while they were at it.

Yoshimi blinked and tilted her head, "Well, that's not bad is it?"

"Not if he has four people under him." Kimiri said as she picked at the dinner she was eating.

"Oh, what do they do?" The silver haired inspector questioned interested as she scooped up another spoonful of rice and put it in her mouth. Kimiri sighed and placed her fork down on her plate. It was at that moment Cathedra came back to the table and answered Yoshimi's question.

"We don't know yet," The shapeshifter replied as she leaned back in her chair. "But they're undoubtedly strong…or so we heard."

"Great! Well? Start thinking of a plan already!" Meguri ordered with a grin.

"Easy for you to say." Kimiri muttered underneath her breath and Meguri giggled at the comment.

"Kohaku Meguri, age 16, Keeper of the Konjou Kyuutai. Said to be very dangerous when angered and has the ability to think quickly on her feet. Her weapons remain to be unknown, but rumor has it she always carries them with her. Be careful because for all we know her weapon could be a necklace or bracelet on her."

An image of a pretty, outgoing redhead appeared on the screen as various people sat in what resembled a conference room. The room was dark and the occupants each hand reports in their hands. They watched as the charismatic girl smiled back at them. Her green and black uniform stood out, but something didn't tell them that she was the keeper. They expected someone older who appeared more experience and wise.

"Ryoushi Kimiri, age 18, Huntress. The most cautious and probably one of the most dangerous. She's cunning and has been able to outsmart, outmaneuver and outdo her opponents. She appears to be very serious and emotionless, but she has her Achilles heel somewhere. Her weapons are that of Sais and are very quick with them. Be careful because she is also very fast on her feet. She's also stubborn and very relentless."

An image of a beautiful, but stoic-looking teenage girl flashed across the screen as the picture of Meguri immediately flashed to the raven-haired, red eyed teenager. This time, however, the occupants could tell she bared the name of "Huntress". Many of them heard stories about this huntress and where finally glad they had a face to put with the name.

"Takajimi Cathedra, age 16, shape-shifter. A shape-shifter, yes, but also an excellent martial artist. Her weapons seem strange and harmless, but do not be fooled. She can handle these weapons just as easily as if they were smaller. Probably the most logical out of all of the girls, she's not easily fooled. She also is the hardest to anger. Her partner, Kimiri, is the easiest so anger is hard to use against her."

Another young, attractive girl flashed across the screen. She looked ordinary to the regular eye, but to a trained eye, one could immediately tell she was a shape shifter. Her hazel eyes signified it because most shape-shifter in the Makai had hazel eyes.

"Musuyo Yoshimi, age 15, inspector of the Konjou Kyuutai. Training in the ninja arts, she is very tricky. She can move very stealthily and quietly. Do not be tricked by her happy appearance because that could automatically lead to your downfall. Like her three other companions, she is also very intelligent. The happiest, she is also very hard to anger."

Finally the youngest and most energetic girl appeared on screen. Like her three other companions, she, too, was a pretty girl. She wore the demeanor of a happy-go-lucky child, but like the man said, many were defeated because they went easy on her. Finally the screen shut off and rolled up and the lights came on.

The man looked at his warriors that were in his conference room and continued, "They are all experts of martial arts and elemental control - so be careful."

"They're all girls. This shouldn't be a problem, Kovico."

Kovico narrowed his eyes at the young man that retorted and snapped, "They may be girls, Kurai, but they are powerful."

Kurai shrugged. Then, Kurai's partner spoke up as his eyes scanned the paper that was in front of him, "Hey maybe that girl we saw earlier is one of them?"

Kyouseki rolled his eyes, "Honestly Senou, why would girls that powerful be wandering around?"

"Come on, everyone needs a break now and then." Seiki replied with a shrug.

"Stop arguing boys." A tall woman interrupted the two boys' banter as she narrowed her turquoise eyes at her two coworkers.

"Stay out of this." Seiki growled not even glancing at her. "This is none of your business anyway, Naumiki."

It was no secret that both Seiki and Kyouseki didn't like or get along with Naumiki, the only female within their ranks. Although she was a bit older than they were, she was still highly respected. Both boys figured it was because Kovico liked her. Naumiki smiled at Seiki and cooed, "C'mon, Sei-kun, don't be mean to me."

Seiki glared at the young woman, "I'm not in mood for your slutty ways today, Naumiki. And don't call me Sei-kun."

Naumiki scrunched up her nose in disgust and resentment for being called a slut before she turned to Kovico. Smiling at him coyly, she said, "Is there anything else we need to know Kovico?"

"No." Kovico replied. "But I want to know their weaknesses."

"Great. I'm going to go kill a few girls for you." Naumiki smirked.

"It'd be nice of you can get rid of some for me. Go ahead." Kovico said with an evil grin. He then turned to Seiki and Kyouseki. "Meanwhile, I want you, Senou and Kurai, to find out their weaknesses. Anything you can get off of them. If you run into them, kill them on sight, understand?"

"Wonderful." Naumiki licked her lips. The other two boys nodded in silent response.

"I need more dehydrated grapes." Meguri rubbed her head later that evening. The girls had finished their chores and after a few more hours of trying to gather information about Kovico (which didn't have any success) they all settled into the shrine to watch over the orb and attend to their own activities. Meguri, obviously, was bored. She sighed, "This shrine sucks. There's nothing to do here."

"I'm gonna go get myself a mudslide." Cathedra said in a bored tone as she picked at her nails

"I'll come with you." Kimiri offered, standing up, hoping to get out of the shrine and do something productive. She couldn't sit around for a long time and do nothing. She needed to do something…anything at all.

"No, I want to go alone." Cathedra objected in a serious tone.

"She wants to get another shot at her stalker Hiroko." Meguri sang in a whisper.

"Oh, okay, have fun then." Kimiri smirked as she sat back down.

"Alright," Cathedra said angrily, "But before I go, allow me to murder Meguri."

"Uh-oh." Meguri started to run followed by a rather angry Cathedra. Kimiri just smirked the scene as Yoshimi entered the room with some papers in her hands.

Confused she asked, "What's going on?"

"Nothing," Kimiri replied. She then stood up, "I'm going for a walk Yoshimi. I'll be back later."

"Okay," the young girl said as she continued to watch the scene before her. She broke out into laughter when she heard Meguri screaming for help and Cathedra strangling the redheaded girl.

"Kyouseki, I don't like this." Seiki muttered.

"I know, I know." Kyouseki sighed. He opened the large exit door and let Seiki through then followed on the dark street. "But this is our last job…then we can actually have enough money to settle down with some random hot yet nice girls…"

"Asshole…always thinking about the girls." Seiki muttered.

"No…" Kyouseki stepped to the other side of the two-sided rode. "I just don't want us to be wandering around our whole lives and I also don't want us to be bums…whatever…I'm gonna go find me some shine girls so we can get this stupid job over with."

Seiki rolled his eyes. "Have fun…I'm going to find some info."

"Okay…I'll see you later." Kyouseki swerved to his right and then disappeared into another street.

"Last job…last job…" Seiki muttered. He took another few steps and turned the corner. His eyes met up with a girl walking on the street. One he recognized from the bar. "Perfect." He smirked.

Cathedra narrowed her eyes as she stole a glance behind her. It was bad enough she was already mad at Meguri, but now she had a deranged stalker trailing after her. "Arashi, how many times do I have to tell you to stop following me?!"

Hiroko shrugged. "'Can't abandon my job."

Cathedra entered Beti's bar followed by Hiroko. "Beti, mudslide extra chocolate, make it quick!" she ordered at the tired looking Beti.

"I'll get the same thing. Just don't add the extra chocolate, it makes me squirmy." Hiroko said flashing a smile at Cathedra.

Cathedra responded with a glare. "So, who do you actually work for?"

"Myself, actually." Hiroko responded with a shrug.

Cathedra raised an eyebrow. "You're lying. Tell me the truth."

"What? Having a personal stalker is fun. Why don't you like it?" Hiroko responded.

"I don't like being watched 24/7." Cathedra replied.

"Two mudslides. One extra chocolate." Beti said giving each their drink. Cathedra began to drink not even bothering to glance at Hiroko that seemed to be coming nearer and nearer. Finally he grabbed her waist attempting to pull her near him resulting in mudslided black pants.

"Beti." Cathedra snapped. Beti placed a new mudslide right in front of her. "Thank you." She began to drink again.

"Beti, get me a few napkins." Hiroko said blankly.

"Yes sir." Beti replied trying to suppress his laughter.

"I don't get it, why do you hate me?" Hiroko asked taking the napkins Beti handed him. He began to wipe the liquid off his pants.

"I don't hate you, I just despise you." Cathedra explained.

"It's the same thing." Hiroko pointed out.

"I know," She said. In mere moments she finished her mudslide and swirled off the swirly chair. She handed Beti the money, and walked out of the bar followed by Hiroko. "Stop stalking me, Arashi, I'm serious!"

"Sorry, can't." Hiroko replied.

"Aw, how cute. Two charming young lovers." A voice hissed. "And it's sad that one happens to be my victim."

Cathedra whirled around to see a lady with dark blue hair and turquoise eyes. She glared at the lady and Hiroko looked between Cathedra and Naumiki. Cathedra growled, "Who the hell are you?"

"The name is Naumiki, sweetheart." Naumiki said with an evil grin.

"Wow, that name brings shock to the whole entire world, doesn't it?" Cathedra said mocking the new foe.

"How dare you! You're life will not be spared!" Naumiki yelled, completely agitated by Cathedra's cool exterior.

"A bitch like you could not even get near me." The shapeshifter smirked getting in fighting position.

"You're not going to fight." Hiroko told the young girl getting in front of the ready to fight the blue-haired witch. Cathedra blinked for a second and wondered what in the world Hiroko was planning on doing. She knew he could be weird, but this was strange for him.

"Get the hell outta my way, Arashi!" Cathedra yelled. "This is my fight not yours!"

"Oh, who is this charming young man?" Naumiki asked.

"You wouldn't want to know." Cathedra muttered.

"And you don't really need to know." Hiroko backed up her comment.

"Let's start." Hiroko said as he began to lift himself ten inches off the ground supported by wind.

"Get the fuck back on the ground and get out of my way Arashi!!!!!!!" Cathedra now officially pissed shouted. But then it hit her, she had never seen Hiroko fight, let alone did she know he was a wind elemental demon.

"Now that I think of it, I think it would be nice to fight you. Then when you're dead, I can kill your girlfriend!" Naumiki laughed shrilly.

"We'll see who dies." Hiroko said confidently.

Kimiri walked around the town. The night sky overhead glistened as the stars sparkled. Lights inside buildings were dim, but a majority of them were off. The raven-haired teen could see her breath as the cold air hit her face. Closing her black jacket around her tightly, she thought deeply about the day.

"Kovico…it seems a lot of people know that name, especially criminals. I'll have to check the jails and ask around," Kimiri muttered to herself. She walked in silence for awhile.

"A pretty little girl like you shouldn't be walking alone at midnight," someone whispered in her ear. Kimiri narrowed her eyes. The guy from earlier, no doubt about it.

He put both hands on her shoulders. "I could walk you to your place. You do remember that I told you there's a rapist going around, right?"

Kimiri grabbed his hands and began crushing them in a twisted manner. "Get your hands off of me."

Seiki pulled his hands back and frowned, "What? Do you have a boyfriend or something?"

"No, I just don't like people like you touching me. Didn't you take the hint when I said FUCK off," Kimiri snapped as she continued walking.

"People like me? My dear, sweet girl, people like me keep people like you safe," Seiki said arrogantly. Kimiri snorted. "No, really. What's your name? You never gave me one."

"I didn't give it because I didn't want to," Kimiri remarked.

"Come on. I'll stop calling you these little nicknames," Seiki offered. Kimiri frowned and faced him.

"Fine, Kimiri," the teenager said and with an agitated sigh, she left. Seiki caught up to her.

"Did you say Kimiri?" He questioned with a smile. "What a heavenly name."

"Yeah," She answered bluntly.

Seiki stopped for a second. Wait a tick… Kihaku Meguri, age 16, keeper of the Konjou Kyuutai. Ryoushi Kimiri, age 18, hunter. Ryoushi Kimiri Ryoushi Kimiri. Oh shiiiiiiit. "Um…is your last name Ryoushi? And are you 18 years old?" He questioned.

Kimiri looked at him suspiciously. "Yes," she answered hesitantly, not sure of where this conversation was going. She suddenly realized that he knew her age and last name. "Wait, how did you—"

"I have to go," Seiki interrupted. Without another word, Seiki left, leaving a confused Kimiri behind. Turning around, she watched as Seiki turned the corner.

"Someone's on to us," She muttered worriedly, her red eyes training on the now gone Seiki.

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