Kissing Cousins

Things to bear in mind:

this is an OMGWTF ONE SHOT!!! So NO MORE. Do NOT ask for more.

They're not actual, blood related cousins. Take it as you will.

Definitely not my usual style at all. EXPLICT CONTENT. Get me kicked off Fictionpress. I will LAUGH.

The latest boarding school was the same as all the others, so Trey was close to tears of sheer and extreme boredom when the nervous headmaster concluded the tour, ending at his room. The single, well-appointed, having-it's-own-attached-bathroom, room that Trey just wanted to disappear into before all the ogling would start, in earnest on Monday morning when he planned to make his next appearance.

The headmaster wrung his hands one last time before tottering off down the hall, though Trey paid him little mind, just wanting to check out his room in peace before settling in. His luggage would've already been brought in and setup, as usual, and he only wanted to bury himself into his blankets and fall asleep.

The door was unlocked, though, and Trey stepped in to find that his rightful spot on the bed was already occupied, the vaguely familiar boy flipping through one of the new textbooks with perfect aplomb.

"Who are you?" Trey's tone was less than diplomatic, but he didn't care, it never was, which was why this was only the latest in his string of boarding schools.

The boy looked up lazily, a small smirk twisting his lips. Floppy brown hair matched bright brown eyes, and Trey could've sworn he knew this boy, though he didn't quite know where from.

"Oh, I'm hurt." The boy drawled. "Dearest Trey, how could you forget me?"
Trey just scowled. "Get out."

"That's not very nice." The boy didn't move. "And that's no way to treat your beloved cousin." The smirk grew, and Trey wanted to slap himself. Though, in all honesty, he hadn't seen his cousin in almost four years? Maybe five.

"Shut up," was Trey's response, but he finally stepped into the room, shutting the door behind him.

"Oh, so he does remember." Christian purred, returning his attention to the text in front of him. Trey didn't reply, shrugging off the suit jacket he was wearing. It fell to the floor unchecked, and Trey left it there, loosening his tie as he toed off the polished shoes and kicked them into a corner.

"Why are you in here?" Trey asked, his tone not openly hostile, but nowhere near friendly either.

"What? I can't greet my favorite cousin? Besides, your dad has made sure we have all the same classes, and rooms right next door to each other, and wants me to sign you up for all the same activities." Christian beamed, looking rather childish for a moment until the sarcasm set in.

"I'm thrilled." Trey's shirt followed the coat and tie to the floor, leaving him wearing only a white undershirt. Trey rifled through neatly organized drawers, messing up the contents completely, until he came upon a pair of loose pajama pants. Not realizing Christian's eyes were still on him, he shucked his black dress pants as well, and slipped into the pajamas.

Trey turned, running a hair through his gelled into place hair, to find Christian watching him, the hint of a smirk on his face. "What?" Trey snapped, reaching forward and snagging the text off the slightly wrinkled covers.

"Nothing." Christian replied, in a tone that made it perfectly clear that it was something.

"Right, out." Trey scowled.

"What?" Christian seemed to actually be confused about the abrupt order.

"Out. Leave. I want to sleep." Trey snapped, actually explaining himself, something he tried to not do, ever.

"Alright, alright, fine. But I'll be back to get you later for dinner, make no mistake." Christian threatened, unfolding himself from the bed. He'd grown taller since the last time Trey had seen him, though Trey had an inch or two on him.

Trey just scowled, and waited for Christian to leave, locking the door behind the brunette. He let the scowl slide off his face, exhaustion replacing it, and he turned wearily back to the bed. The covers were slightly mussed from where Christian had been sitting on them, but Trey paid it no heed, slipping in and setting his head on the pillow.

It had been far too long since he'd seen Christian, the only member of his family, extended or no, that he could actually get along with. They weren't strictly related, really, since his aunt – Christian's mother – wasn't actually his father's sister. She'd been adopted by his grandparents in every way but a legal sense, and was one of the few people his father actually was nice too.

The Rockefellow family was a family with lots of money. Huge, indecent amounts that enabled the elder Rockefellow to ship his son around to boarding school after boarding school, regardless of what horror stories the previous headmasters had about him. They must be getting low on schools though, if they were sending him to Christian's school.

Or just desperate. Perhaps they thought the 'good boy' Christian could help straighten him out? Whenever his cousin was mentioned, it was always to the tune of 'oh, if only you were more like Christian, such a well-mannered young man'. Usually from his mother, since his father generally saw fit to ignore him.

Christian had grown a lot since Trey had last seen him, when they were twelve or thirteen, he couldn't remember, it had been so long. He was taller, and his baby fat was gone. He was rather handsome too, though Trey shrugged the thought off quickly – it was bad enough that he lusted after boys rather than girls, his father would have a spastic fit and die if he found Trey crushing on the 'good' cousin.

Well, at least he knew someone at this school, though it was likely only to be a month before he was off to the next one, with his record. But who knew, perhaps he could stay out of trouble, if Christian proved to be entertaining enough. Which was possible, with the snarky remarks the brunette had given him as soon as he'd come into the room. Well, he'd know soon enough. Trey yawned, noting the slightly spicy scent that lingered on his sheets – probably Christian's cologne – and decided to stop thinking, drifting off to sleep moments later.


Christian, did indeed prove to be entertaining enough. Trey found this out half an hour after he was woken up rather rudely, a slushy and cold ice pack stuffed down his pajama pants. He almost, almost snapped and threw the smirking brunette out of his room, but decided he didn't really want to hear it from his mother so settled for throwing a text at the boy.

Christian ducked, laughing at him while he informed him that dinner was in five minutes, and to get his ass into some real clothes. Trey ignored him, getting dressed quickly, though in something that most definitely didn't match the school's dress code. Worn and torn black shorts, a random pale yellow tee-shirt and a baggy sweatshirt that said 'fuck you' in white-out on the back.

It wasn't until dinner that Trey decided that he wanted to stay here, at least a bit longer than he usually did at boarding schools. Christian had introduced him to a small group of boys who seemed straight-laced, but had some of the foulest mouths he'd heard yet on them.

Petey was the blonde, with curly hair, and pale blue eyes. He was the loudest, and with the coarsest mouth, and Trey recognized him through his last name as the son of a prominent car manufacturer. Mike was the redhead, though he was the quiet one out of the group, he had a wicked gleam in his hazel eyes, and he was the one who incited the food fight. James Édouard Carmichael the third spent the entire short amount of time that dinner was being served and not thrown staring at him lecherously, though Christian had kicked him not-so-covertly under the table.

"So you're Christian's cousin?" Petey asked, his voice a bit too high-pitched for him to claim he'd gone through puberty.

"Sort of." Christian answered. "Not really, but yeah."

"Informative." Mike said, his voice deep and low to counterpoint Petey's high and grating one.

Trey scowled, shoving the most likely delicious food around on his plate. He hadn't wanted to be here, he wanted to be in his room, working on his latest project, but no, Christian had insisted, smirking.

"Trey, right?" James asked, quirking an eyebrow at him.

Trey gave a short nod, mixing the vegetables with the gravy from the undoubtedly fine slab of meat on his plate.

"Where are you from, Trey?" James purred, leaning across the table a bit towards him, making Trey glad that he was sitting with Christian, alone, on the other side of the table.

"Around." Trey said, surly. Christian smirked.

"The latest was?" He asked, and Trey scowled.

"Vancouver." He replied, dropping his fork abruptly onto the plate with a clatter. Eating just wasn't something that happened after a long flight, or for a few hours after he woke up either. Trey met James's green eyes and stared the other boy down, snorting when James broke eye contact first, distracted by Mike's sudden movement.

"Are you going to eat that?" Mike's stare was fixated on Trey's plate, rather avidly.

"No." Trey pushed the plate to Mike, who pulled it nearer without a comment, though his own plate was still half-full. Christian frowned at him, then sighed.

"You should eat." The brunette tried, but Trey just scowled at him. "Oh, well." Christian smirked.

Mike, in meantime, had speared one of the slices of meat with his fork, and was studying it intently. "Direction?"

"North." Petey grinned, gesturing discretely towards a gaggle of giggling girls that were two tables over and currently sneaking not-so-covert looks at their table. Trey scowled at them, then blinked as the dripping piece of meat catapulted across the distance to land in one of the girl's long, blonde hair. She promptly shrieked bloody murder, and then the hall was filled with flying food and Trey found himself dragged under the table by Christian. For some reason, Mike, James and Petey had decided to not join them.

Trey rolled his eyes and settled down. There would be no getting out unscathed, and this was one of his favorite sweatshirts, so he decided that staying down here was his best option. Christian smirked, crossing his legs and arms.

"So, Trey, how have you been?" Christian asked, as though war wasn't raging over his head. A bruised and broken apple wobbled by a few feet away.

"Fabulous." Trey said dryly. "How long does this normally take?"

"I'm hurt, Trey, hurt, by the assumption that this happens enough that I would know how long it would take for the headmaster to do something." Christian smirked.

Trey gave him a dry look.

"Fifteen minutes at the most." Christian conceded.

"Good." Trey leaned against a supporting table leg.

"You still into programming?" Christian asked, taking up his own table leg.


Christian quirked an eyebrow. "You're a great conversationalist, you know."

Trey just rolled his eyes. "I know." Christian laughed, and Trey's eyes narrowed, not liking that Christian's laugh made him feel warm and fuzzy, just a little.

Trey sighed, and ran his hair through the short black hair that topped his head. He was still tired, and his father would probably call soon, though he had every intention of hanging up on the man if he said anything too stupid.

The sounds around them were dying down, and soon enough, the teacher's voices could be heard breaking up the students. Christian smirked and crawled out from under the table, and Trey followed, admiring the view for a moment before reminding himself that messing with Christian like that was a BAD idea, with capitals.

It only took five minutes before they were out of the hall, the administrators letting them through the barricade at the door without any hassle. Mike, Petey and James were nowhere to be seen, not that Trey mourned that. He decided he did like it here. Mike was his favorite person right now, for starting the food fight and not being obnoxious. Though for some reason Christian was right up there too. Petey was too loud, and James needed an ice bag down his shorts.

Christian apparently had his own room, too. Though he shared a bathroom, with Trey, as Trey found out. He hadn't let Christian in, wanting to get that stupid commission done soon. The move had screwed up his deadlines, and they were all closer, and he still had to settle into this new school. It was for this also, he decided he would rather stay here than be moved again.

He'd had time to shed his sweatshirt and boot up his computer before Christian was in his room, shutting the bathroom door behind him.

"What?" Christian asked innocently, when Trey glared at him. "No one told you we were in the same suite?"

Trey gave up, sitting down heavily in his chair. "What do you want?"

Christian grinned, "Aww, one would think you don't want me here."

"One would think." Trey said dryly as he started up a succession of programs, settling on two windows. After a moment to catch his bearings, he started typing, the words flying across the two screens as he switched back and forth with keyboard commands.

"Wow, you've gotten faster at that." Christian commented, and Trey made three successive typos.

"Yes." Trey scowled. "I've only been doing it nonstop for the past ten years."

Christian gasped dramatically, and Trey paused in his rapid-fire typing to look over at the brunette.


"You actually volunteered something. I'm in shock." Christian explained, sitting down on Trey's unmade bed.

"Shut up." Trey said, but it had no real venom behind it.

"Hah." Christian retorted, sticking out his tongue. Trey almost flinched at the deluge of naughty thoughts that flooded his mind at that little action. He needed to get laid.

"Did you want something?" Trey asked, returning to his computer screen, and scowling when the first things his errant fingers typed were tongue Christian.

"Only to spend some quality time with my bestest cousin in the whole wide world." Christian beamed. Trey snorted, and glanced over to see Christian's face fall. Though the expression was blatantly fake, Trey couldn't deny it.

"Fine. Just… stay there and be quiet." Trey gestured to the bed, rolling his eyes when Christian smirked.

"Love you too." Christian chirped, and grabbed one of the neatly stacked textbooks from the pile on the side table as Trey got up and walked over to where a black briefcase was leaning against the side of the dresser. He brought it back over to the computer station and unlocked both locks on it, the electronic one and the tangible padlock, Christian watching his every move over the top of the text.

Within minutes, Trey's workplace was as he usually kept it – cluttered and covered with papers full of jargon and useless data as he finished the layout of his latest for-commission program. He forgot Christian was even in the room as he worked, humming softly under his breath as he penciled out a note here and there and typed up a storm.

It was late when he finished, encoding the program onto a multi-layered triple encrypted disk and setting it aside with a neat label to ship out the next day. The clock told him it was nearing four in the morning, and Trey yawned at it in response.

He shut down his computer and stood, stretching with the pop of a few joints. Turning, he found Christian fast asleep on his bed, curled towards the room, and breathing deeply. Trey smirked – his cousin looked almost angelic like that. Yawning, he decided to be glad today was Sunday and there were no classes to skip later, for lack of sleep. Shedding the shorts, he pulled on his pajama pants again and lost his shirt, smirking at the floor that was slowly disappearing under the clothing he kept littering on it.

He didn't want to wake Christian, because then the doe-eyed smirking face would be the last thing he saw before he went sleep. He didn't want to sleep in Christian's room because that was just weird, not to mention he didn't want to leave Christian alone in his room. He wasn't sleeping on the floor. The bed was big enough for both of them, really, though honestly that presented it's own problems.

Trey decided he was too tired to think about it anymore, and crawled onto the bed, ignoring Christian's presence. One of the perks that came with being a Rockefellow – big beds. Christian murmured sleepily when Trey climbed in next to him, rather cutely, but Trey ignored it in favor of sleep, his head hitting the pillow and his eyes closing a second later. Of course, Christian's sleeping face was the last thing he remembered seeing, which didn't bode well for his dreams.


Christian woke slowly, a feeling of deep lethargy stretching to keep him idle in the land of half-sleep. The bed was warmer than it usually was, but Christian didn't mind, since his room was always a bit chilly at night. Perhaps they'd fixed that.

Or not, as the sound of even breathing broke into his awareness. Christian yawned, hoping he hadn't gotten drunk and slept with James again. That was singularly embarrassing. Luckily James hadn't remembered. Much.

Christian opened his eyes, and was instantly confused. Trey was sleeping, about a foot away, his face peaceful in sleep, though he was drooling a bit. Christian smirked, but didn't move. His cousin was far too cute for his own good. Christian couldn't believe how much Trey had grown up in the time since he'd last seen him.

Much taller, for sure, two inches over Christian, which rankled a bit. He was far too skinny though, Christian could see his bones and gaunt cheekbones. He also had smoky grey 'bedroom' eyes, and full, pouty lips that just begged for Christian to tackle Trey and –

The shrill ring of the telephone cut into that thought before it could go much further, which was probably a good thing. The second ring snapped Trey awake, and he rolled off the bed without so much as a second glance at Christian, the loose pajama pants almost falling off one hip, and Christian buried his head in the pillow.

"Hello?" Trey snapped, and Christian almost smirked. Trey wasn't a morning person, it seemed.

"Yes." Trey snapped again, sagging against the wall, crossing one arm over his bare, bony chest. "I know, I'm not an idiot." A pause. "It's fucking early." Another pause, and Christian could hear the person on the other end squawking loudly. "I was programming… none of your business." Trey scowled. "Since when have I cared? You want me to do something for you, contract me." Trey frowned. "Whatever. Yes. Yes, I'm not stupid. Yes, he told me. No. Fine, I'll see you in two weeks. Bye."

Trey hung up the phone, still scowling. He stood there for a moment, still not paying any attention to Christian, who was lounging rather comfortably on his bed. Without a word, Trey left the room, disappearing into the bathroom. The sound of a shower came a moment later.

Christian was a bit slow on the uptake, it took him almost a whole minute to realize that Trey was in the shower, meaning Trey was without clothes, soaking wet, in the next room. Christian almost scowled himself. It was far too early to judge, but he didn't think Trey would take too kindly to him sneaking in there. But staying here was probably a bad idea too, considering the aching in his groin. Damn Trey. It was his fault, he should take care of it.

Christian sighed, feeling slightly martyred. Then he laughed at himself. He didn't have his key, he'd just have to mosey through the bathroom, and hope Trey didn't kill him.

The shower curtain was translucent, showing Trey's pale skin and the vague outline of each limb. Trey didn't say anything, and Christian couldn't be sure if he was noticed as he slipped into his own room, slipping the lock shut on his side of the door.

With a sigh, he shucked his jeans, tossing them into the corner where the laundry basket was. He missed, but didn't care, shedding his shirt and boxers as well. He glanced down and sighed, falsely morose.

"Trey, oh Trey. You're far too hot for your own damn good." Christian murmured, before settling down on his bed to take care of Trey's responsibility.


Trey scowled, the shower beating down harsh, hot water as he scrubbed through his hair quickly, trying to ignore the fact that Christian had just traipsed right through the bathroom, unheeding of Trey, in the shower, or the fact that the shower curtain might as well not even be there.

Christian was a bad thing to think about. Bad, because thinking about him would only encourage the reaction the boy gave him, stirring quite insistently even as he tried to ignore it. Fuck, but he needed to get laid. Too early to scope out possibilities though.

Far too insistent, much like Christian's insistence on spending the past day in his room. Hell, he couldn't even think of anything but sleeping so close to Christian. He was so fucking screwed. Except not literally, which fucking sucked even more.

With a sigh of irritation, Trey moved to take care of the problem, cursing Christian for being alive.


They skipped breakfast, Trey figuring out the lock on the door to the bathroom, and Christian deciding it wasn't worth the effort it would take to go to the dining hall. Christian spent the morning finishing coursework, while Trey worked on another of his commissions. It was nearing noon when Trey sought Christian out.

Christian was finishing an essay when the knock on his door came. He figured it was James, wanting to grill him for information about Trey, or Mike, wanting to work on homework, or Petey, wanting to copy the homework.

"Come in." He called, not moving from where he was sprawled out across his bed, glancing up cursorily to find Trey scowling in the doorway. Christian was surprised, but hid it with a well-placed smirk, sitting up.

"Well hello, Trey." Christian chirped happily.

"Christian." Trey replied, in that 'I'm bored of you peon' tone he seemed to have perfected. Christian ignored it.

"What can I do you for?" Christian asked, shutting the math book in front of him.

"I need a post office." Trey said, scowling.

"It's Sunday." Christian pointed out, slipping from his bed to pull on a pair of handy sneakers.

"Yes." Trey agreed, still scowling.

"You know, if you keep making that face, it's going to stick." Christian said, running a hand through his hair as he grabbed his wallet and keys.

"Too late." Trey said, his tone not changing a whit.

Christian paused. Then grinned. "I may die of shock."

"You do that." Trey said, following Christian from the room.

"Are you feeling alright?" Christian asked, tempted to feel for a fever.


"Alright. Now were you looking for the post off-campus or on?" Christian asked.

"On-campus will work for now." Trey replied, and Christian nodded, taking an abrupt left.

"Didn't the headmaster give you a tour?" Christian asked. He wasn't complaining, no, but conversation

"Yes." Trey didn't elaborate.

"And?" Christian prompted, rolling his eyes.

"I didn't care." Trey replied.

"Wonderful, you're enthusiastic, and that's a wonderful start." Christian beamed. Trey scowled.

"I could probably find it without you." Trey threatened.

"And why didn't you?" Christian asked, turning to bat his eyelashes at Trey. Trey was rather unmoved.

"I'm deeply in love with you." Trey stated, deadpan. "I can't stand to be away from your presence for more than a moment. It should be quicker."

Christian laughed. "Should be." He agreed, turning into the large area that housed the small post office. Trey pulled a few square shaped envelopes out of one of the huge pockets on his baggy jeans and tossed them in the outgoing mail slot.

Christian smirked, but didn't say anything. Trey just scowled, following Christian once more from the little niche in the hallway. Christian was wearing snug jeans, and a snug-fitting tee-shirt, so Trey felt he was noticeably distracted, not noticing that Christian wasn't heading back to their rooms.

"You haven't eaten." Christian explained, as the clamor of the cafeteria became known. Trey just shrugged, it wasn't high on his list of priorities, and he'd forgotten, like usual. "Buffet style for lunch and breakfast." Christian explained as they entered the half-full room. "It's open from six to nine for breakfast and eleven to two for lunch. Dinner is served at promptly six-thirty."

"Right." Trey scowled, but followed Christian nonetheless, piling a plate high with food.

Fortunately, for Trey at least, Mike and Petey weren't in the cafeteria. James, however, was, and Christian hesitated for a second, but sat down across from the blonde boy, pleased when Trey did the same – across the table, and not next to James.

"Hello, Christian. Trey." James greeted, practically purring Trey's name. Trey scowled. Christian smirked.

"James. How goes it?"

"Well, now that you two are here, fantastic." James stated boldly, fixing his eyes on Trey, who ignored him.

"Really. Do we brighten your day that much?" Christian asked.

"Well, not you." James scowled at Christian.

"You flatter me." Christian said dryly, and James smirked.

"No, that would be too easy." James replied. "I prefer to seduce through insults."

"Good luck with that." Christian smirked.

Trey ate, ignoring the other two bantering. Christian was just plain amazed at the amount of food Trey consumed, though he wasn't sure if he should be. Trey hadn't eaten last night, and he hadn't eaten this morning – though the super skinny thing suggested he wouldn't be able to hold that much food. Perhaps he had a high metabolism?

"Hungry?" James asked, raising his eyebrows suggestively as he leaned across the table towards Trey.

"Yes." Trey replied. Christian almost laughed as James' face fell.

"You suck." James said, and sat back in his chair sulking.

Trey smirked. "Probably harder than you."

James' jaw dropped, and Christian laughed out loud.

"I don't believe you." James finally managed. "I bet I could out-suck you any day."

"He does have a bit of a Hoover-mouth." Christian muttered, then scowled as Trey raised an eyebrow at him.

"Really." He said it without a single inflection, and both James and Christian flushed a bit.

Trey set down his sandwich. "So you've had him suck you off?"

Christian flushed more. Innuendo, easy. Blatant, not so easy.

"Well, we were drunk."

"And?" Trey looked interested now, for the first time, and Christian squirmed, James forgotten.

"He's got a bit of a Hoover-mouth." Christian repeated. Trey smirked, and stood.

"You remember it fairly well then?" Trey asked, and Christian nodded a bit, dumbly. "Good." Trey's lips curled in a smirk.

"Why?" Christian managed, unnerved by the look in Trey's eyes.

"We'll be back." Trey told the flabbergasted James, who managed a nod even as Trey pulled Christian up from his seat.

It was a bad idea, Trey knew, but he had already decided he didn't care, pulling Christian out of the cafeteria and to the bathroom he'd spotted nearby. He'd only last here a few weeks anyway, no matter how hard he tried to be straight-laced, and he might as well make use of it and become totally and utterly the black sheep of the family.

Christian didn't protest as Trey pulled him into the bathroom, shooing out an underclassman without a word, and locking the door behind him. Christian looked utterly confused, which was good, but the brunette probably wouldn't have a problem with this, if Trey was right.

Christian was confused, something that he was finding wasn't unusual with his mercurial cousin. Trey stalked towards him, pinning him against the wall with a fluid motion. Christian flushed.

Trey smirked. "Christian, dearest."

"Yes?" Christian managed, squirming a bit in Trey's hold, but that was really only a bad thing.

"You're going to judge, alright? I'm going to give you the best blow of your life, and then we can tell James that I do suck better. Any objections?" Trey breathed, and Christian's eyes went wide.

"Do it." Christian finally managed, his mind reeling, even as Trey slipped dexterous fingers into his waistband, the button and zipper coming undone, his jeans and boxers finding the floor seconds later. Trey smirked, dropping a quick kiss on his cheek.

"Don't scream." Christian nodded, breathing deep even as Trey took his half-hard cock in hand. Unexpected, but he was not complaining, as Trey kneeled in front of him, carefully massaging him until he was completely and utterly hard.

Christian found himself fascinated by Trey's lips, as Trey's tongue ran over them, leaving a soft sheen of wetness behind, the full, pouty lips curving in a smirk even as the smoky grey eyes flashed him a heated look. Christian moaned softly, even as Trey fished in his pockets, pulling out a kerchief and handing it to Christian.

Christian huffed a laugh, but twisted the thing neatly and shoved it between his teeth. He didn't want to be stopped either. A second later Trey's mouth engulfed his cock, a few inches past the head, and Christian was exceptionally glad for the gag, biting down viciously, even as his hands tangled themselves in Trey's short hair.

Trey was smirking, Christian knew, but didn't care, even as Trey swallowed more of his cock, his tongue never stopping as it laved the underside and around the head. Christian panted wildly around the gag, as Trey's nose brushed the dark nest of curls at the base.

Trey pulled back, hollowing his cheeks and sucking hard, even as he braced Christian's hips with his hands. He paused when he reached the head, then dove back down, and Christian bit the gag with everything in him, his hands tightening in Trey's hair, and a few more similar motions, and it was done, Christian shooting off with a loud cry, thankful for the gag as Trey sat back, looking smug.

Christian's knees deserted him, and he slid down the wall. "Oh my god." He breathed, staring wide-eyed at his cousin. Trey smirked.

"Well?" Trey asked.

"You're a bastard." Christian decided amiably, standing slowly and pulling his pants back up.

"Does that mean I win?" Trey asked, standing as well, brushing off the knees of his jeans. Christian smirked a bit at the slight bulge.

"I don't know. Perhaps I should have James-"

"Bad idea." Trey decided.

"Oh?" Christian asked, smirking again. "Why do you say that?"

"It might give him the impression you're a slut." Trey said, dryly. Christian rolled his eyes.

"I could take offense to that if I wanted to." He informed Trey. Trey scowled.

"You do that."

"Nah, too much effort. Still hungry?" Christian asked, heading for the door. He unbolted it.

"Yeah, a bit." Trey mumbled, his eyes fixed on Christian's ass.

"To the dining hall then." Christian laughed, pulling Trey out into the hallway.


James stared at them.

"Trey." Christian smirked, bright eyed.

"What?" James and Trey asked at the same time.

"Trey wins. He sucks harder." Trey smirked and James almost lost his jaw.

"You're lying." James finally managed. "He did not just suck you off."

Trey smirked. Christian smirked. James scowled.

"I think he's jealous." Christian stage-whispered to Trey, who nodded.

James scowled.

Trey started to finish his plate, ignoring them once more.

"Can I have another try?" James asked. "I was drunk."

"No." Trey said simply.

"Christian." James whined, and Christian sighed.

"Hmm." Christian paused in the middle of eating a spoonful of blue jello. "Maybe. I'll think about it."

Trey raised an eyebrow. "Not if you want an encore."

"Sorry, James. No second try." Christian said immediately, smirking.

James scowled. "That is so not fair."

"Why not?" Trey asked.

"I was drunk." James reiterated, looking a bit desperate. "Please?"

"You're sad." Trey informed him.

"I have to agree." Christian regretfully chimed in.

"Dammit." James scowled. "You're cousins."

"Not really." Trey and Christian both said at the same time. "Not blood-related anyway." Christian finished.

"Oh, that sucks." James scowled.

Trey smirked. "I suck harder. Christian said so."

"Oh, I hate you." James said petulantly, and stood. "I'll see you at dinner then."

"Bye." Christian waved.


"You're fucking bony." Christian muttered, wrapping his hand around Trey's wrist. "That's just not healthy."

"Eh." Trey mumbled distractedly, typing one-handed as Christian manhandled his other hand.

"I mean, there's barely any skin here. It's stretched taut." Christian continued, pinching at the skin.

"Ow." Trey muttered, half-heartedly trying to remove his arm from Christian's grip. Christian didn't release.

"Do you ever eat? No, I've seen you eat. That's scary, really. Do you have a tapeworm?" Christian poked at Trey's side.

Trey jumped, turning his attention to Christian finally.

"The hell?"

"You're too skinny." Christian scowled emphatically. "Go eat something fattening for gods sake, before you're just bones."

"Have you gone mad?" Trey asked, politely.

"What? No." Christian scowled. "Bones, I tell you, bones."

"You have." Trey decided and turned back to his computer. Christian poked him in the side again. "Christian!"


"I repeat, the hell?"

"I'm trying to find the tapeworm." Christian said, and Trey scowled.

"I do not have a tapeworm." Trey scowled.

"I've seen you eat. You should not be this skinny."

"Fast metabolism – Christian!" Trey batted Christian's hand away.

"I don't believe you." Christian scowled.

"You should." Trey stated decisively. "The only parasite around here is James."

"Well that's mean." Christian laid off poking.


"I was just saying." Christian mumbled.

"Okay." Trey agreed, turning back to his computer.

"You're too fucking skinny." Christian muttered. Trey smirked.


Classes sucked. At least Christian was in all of them, like the brunette had claimed. Unfortunately, so were Petey, Mike and James. Trey ignored them mostly, even Christian. Who seemed quite amused by flicking bits of paper everywhere, but mostly at Trey, who was seated next to Christian in all of their classes.

English was terrible, Math was simplistic, Science was boring, History was terrible. He didn't do PE, and decided he would transfer out as soon as possible, ignoring the basketball games going on in favor of leaning against the wall, in his butchered version of the school uniform. No tie, shirt not tucked in or buttoned, and he was wearing a pale orange tank top underneath. Christian had just laughed.

The only class that showed any promise was the computer class, and that was because he knew more than the teacher, and was being left alone after pointing out three code errors in the simple program the man was having them reproduce.

Christian dragged him to lunch.

Petey and James were whispering something fierce, even as Trey dropped his tray on the table and sat heavily next to Christian. Petey was staring at him with something akin to awe and James still looked a bit less than thrilled to see him. Mike was absent.

"Did you really?" Petey asked, almost breathlessly.

"No." Trey said, eating a spoonful of applesauce.

"You did so." James refuted.

"That's wonderful." Trey replied, taking a swig of his milk.

"…" James scowled. "I hate you."

Trey raised an eyebrow. "I feel the pain."

"Trey, stop being an ass." Christian smacked the back of his head.


"Whipped." Petey crowed, but stopped when Trey leveled a glare at him.

"Feel free." Christian smirked.

"You're an ass." Trey blandly informed Petey, who stuck out his tongue. Trey wasn't impressed.

"Don't stick that out if you're not planning on using it." Trey stated calmly, and then was impressed by the shade of red Petey turned.

James stuck out his tongue. Trey raised an eyebrow, and the blonde stood, leaned over the table, and licked Trey on the nose. Christian snickered, and Trey blinked a few times before smirking.

"How long is lunch?" Trey asked.

"An hour." Christian answered. "Why?"

"Want an encore?" Trey smirked.

Christian's eyebrows rose. "Maybe. Let's go." Trey grinned, leaving his tray, and following Christian from the room, ignoring James and Petey.

The bathroom was deserted this time, and Christian held the door.

"You're too bony." Christian complained, locking the door behind him, and turning to Trey, who scowled.

"Lay off it." Trey snapped. "I'm skinny, it's a shock."

Christian scowled and stepped up to Trey, pushing the slightly taller boy back. "Do you want a gag?"

"What?" Trey asked, but Christian didn't answer, his fingers already unhooking the button on Trey's slacks. "Oh. I don't know, are you any good?" Trey asked, ignoring the stirring cock between his legs as he taunted Christian.

"I'm terrible." Christian deadpanned, dropping to his knees.

"Well that sucks." Trey remarked and Christian snorted.

"You suck."

"As do you."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." Trey spread his legs as far as the pants bunched about his ankles would let him. "Mmm."

"Yeah, here." Christian handed Trey the kerchief from his pocket, even as his other hand stroked Trey's cock, learning the feel of it.

"Most kind." Trey muttered, and Christian smirked, running his tongue along the underside of Trey's cock, unsurprised when it stiffened more. "Tease." Trey scowled.

"You'll get off- over it." Christian smirked again.

Trey rolled his eyes, about to say something when Christian moved and took the head of his cock in his mouth. "Oh, nice." Trey breathed as Christian's tongue danced around the skin, pressing into the slit for a moment. "Mmm."

Christian grinned, and pulled back. Trey scowled.

"Gag?" Christian snickered as Trey bunched the kerchief up and stuffed it in his mouth.

"Good." Christian lowered his head once more, and took Trey's cock in, as much as he could handle. He couldn't deep throat like Trey, but he did manage a good portion, and started bobbing his head, slowly, at first, running his tongue up and down the sides of Trey's cock, sucking a bit as he backed off. Trey was good, and didn't buck his hips, so Christian could wrap one hand around the base, and use the other to play with Trey's heavy sacs.

Two minutes later Trey came with a heavy groan, mostly blocked by the gag. "Far too long." Trey gasped out, spitting the gag at Christian, who laughed, smacking Trey's thigh.

Trey scowled, smacking Christian upside the head a bit, before leaning down to pull up his pants.

"We should fuck." Christian suggested as they left the bathroom, ignoring the boy who rushed in after them.

"We should." Trey agreed. "More than once."

"Exclusive then?" Christian asked.

"Why not." Trey replied. "What's next anyway?"


Trey made a face. "Do I have to?"

"Yes." Christian said solemnly. "Otherwise you'll have your soul sucked out."

"I'm sorry?" Trey asked.

"You heard me. Soulless." Christian repeated, totally seriously.

"Oh wonderful. Lead the way then." Trey followed obediently.


"I'm busy."

"You are not busy."

"You think I'd lie to you with the question you just asked?"

"… good point. What are you doing?"

"None of your business."

"It is if I'm not getting a shared shower." Trey decided, and finished picking the lock. Not for nothing was he called a delinquent. "You paint."

"Yes." Christian scowled. "Out."

"Oh, no." Trey disagreed, stepping further into the room. "I don't think so."

"You're an ass." Christian decided.

"Yes." Trey agreed. "Are you really busy with it?"

"I am." Christian said, turning back to his painting.

Trey scowled, and flopped on Christian's bed. "Fine."

"I didn't interrupt your programming." Christian replied, ignoring Trey.

"You poked me." Trey accused. Christian smirked.


"I consider that interruption." Trey said, and sat up again, swinging his feet to the floor.

"Not really, you kept typing." Christian refuted, trying to focus on the painting in front of him, but failing miserably as Trey stalked over, smoky grey eyes fixed on him.

"Hmm, so does that mean I could poke you, while you paint?" Trey asked, smirking.

"No. I can't delete." Christian scowled.

"Hmm." Trey snickered, draping arms over Christian's shoulders from behind.

"Trey." Christian practically growled.

"Are you sure you're too busy?" Trey asked, nibbling on Christian's ear. Christian's breath hitched.

"I hate you." Christian decided, setting down the paintbrush and covering the can of paint.

"That's what I thought." Trey smirked, even as Christian turned in his arms and pushed him backwards. Trey moved without complaint, tightening his grip on Christian and pulling him closer even as he was walked backwards by Christian's incessant shoving.

"You're an ass." Christian glowered, having reached the bed only to have Trey pull a fast one and flip him around, pinning him to the bed where he would've pinned Trey.

"And I want yours." Trey smirked, removing his own shirt before attacking the buttons on Christian's.

Christian paused, thinking. "Alright."

"Good." Trey snickered, yanking the shirt off of Christian violently.

"Hey, ow!" Christian protested as his arms got stuck. Trey just smirked and bit lightly at a hardened nipple. Christian squirmed.

"Unfair." He panted, managing to wriggle out of his shirt and grabbing Trey's ribs. "I swear I'm going to find you heart attack food when we're done here."

"Shut up." Trey muttered, biting Christian's ribs. Christian gasped and arced his back a bit.

"No." Christian replied, squirming a bit as Trey bit a bit lower, smoky grey eyes glowering darkly at him. His cock throbbed. Christian let his hands slide down Trey's sides, earning a shudder and a lick over the most recent bite.

Trey's hands found his pants the same moment Christian found Trey's. Trey was wearing sweatpants of some sort, and Christian sat up a bit to yank them down Trey's thighs. Trey wasn't wearing underwear, and Christian smirked, grabbing hold of Trey's mostly hard cock even as Trey continued to struggle with the zipper to his slacks.

"Ah!" Trey gasped out, managing a passable scowl that was ruined by the pink flush that was flooding his face.

"Like that, huh?" Christian teased, his voice husky. Christian took advantage of Trey's momentary distraction, tumbling Trey down to the bed and flipping him over, straddling his thighs even as the sweatpants fell to the floor. Trey glared, but the expression lasted as long as it took Christian to stroke the length of Trey's cock a few times.

"Bastard." Trey breathed out, fingers finding Christian's pants again, and managing much better this time, even as Christian ran his tongue along each and every rib. The pants and boxers beneath met the floor too, though they were practically thrown.

Trey flipped Christian again, though this time Christian let him, ignoring the fact that he almost bashed his head on the wall, in favor of Trey moving up, biting his ear. Christian shuddered and dug blunt fingernails into Trey's hips. Trey hissed in his ear, moving to bit his neck instead.

"Vampire. Ah!" Christian dug his fingers in a bit deeper as Trey bit down harder.

"You talk too much." Trey muttered.

"So shut me up." Christian taunted, trying to catch his breath even as Trey ran light fingers down his chest and stomach. Trey smirked.

"Fine." Trey moved quickly, almost toppling off the bed as he removed his body from where it had caged Christian's. Seconds later Christian's cock was in Trey's mouth.

"JESUS!" Christian blurted, his hands clenching the sheets beneath him. Trey snickered, and the sound didn't have far to travel as it reverberated around Christian's cock. Christian gasped out a moan, even as Trey bobbed his head a few times. Christian's breath caught at every scrape of teeth, and he had to use all of his willpower and Trey's hands on his hips to keep from bucking deeper into Trey's mouth.

"That's what I thought." Trey murmured silkily as he removed his mouth. Christian practically deflated against the mattress, scowling at Trey.

"You're an ass." Christian mumbled, even as his cock throbbed for more.

"We've been over this, princess." Trey cooed and Christian scowled. "Got lube?"

"Second drawer down." Christian managed as Trey bit his thigh. Trey moved away, and Christian took the moment to catch his breath, eyeing Trey's skinny body as the other boy pulled open the designated drawer and removed a six pack of condoms and a bottle of lube.

Trey raised an eyebrow as he turned to Christian's scrutiny, but didn't say anything, returning to the bed. "Turn over."

"What?" Christian raised his own eyebrow.

"I didn't think you were deaf." Trey muttered. "Turn over." Trey's hand was on his own cock, and Christian stared for a moment before doing as he was told. Trey smirked. "On your knees, bitch."

Christian snorted, but followed the command, waving his ass in the air a bit. Trey snickered, trailing one slick finger down the cleft in front of him. Christian sighed, relaxing a bit, leaning on his elbows as Trey played.

Trey had bony fingers too, Christian realized, but they were covered in soft skin and topped by blunt, smooth fingernails. Nothing caught, which was good, a slow warmth creeping in, even as a second finger slipped in. It didn't take Trey long to find his prostate, and he was relentless.

Christian gasped and writhed, knowing but not caring that he was being rather shameless. He just wanted Trey. All too soon Trey's fingers slipped clear, leaving Christian to steady himself once more. His arms and legs felt weak.

The crinkle of foil behind him let him know Trey was getting ready, and Christian caught his breath, waiting impatiently as Trey slipped the condom on, and lubed himself.

"Sometime today?" Christian rasped, squirming a bit as he waited.

"Patience, princess." Trey grinned, taking hold of Christian's hips with one hand, and letting his other guide his cock to Christian's hole. He slid in slowly, with a grunt, even as Christian groaned, wiggling back.

"Very boney there too." Christian mumbled, and Trey laughed a bit, breathlessly as he panted for air. Christian shifted, trying to spur Trey on.

Trey pulled out maybe an inch, before shoving back in, hard.

"Ah!" Christian gasped. Trey bit his back, and Christian scowled. "Stop… fucking biting me." He panted out, even as Trey thrust in again.

"No." Trey said shortly, biting him again, on the left shoulder, kneeling behind Christian and pulling back a bit more.

"Bastard – mmm." Christian groaned as Trey managed to hit his prostate. Trey smirked, draping himself over Christian's back and grinding his cock deeper. "Ooooh." Christian squirmed back, both gasping for air. Trey bit the side of his neck, barely able to reach.

"Gah." Christian garbled out, thrusting his ass back even as Trey pushed in again. Trey smirked, leaning further on one arm and Christian's back to wrap Christian's neglected cock in his fist. Christian let out a choked moan, trying to both push back at Trey and push into Trey's hand.

Trey picked up speed, pulling out and shoving in, making sure to hit Christian's prostate most times. Christian was practically incoherent beneath him, writhing with the combined pressure of Trey's hand and Trey's cock. Trey could barely keep his focus, the heat of Christian's ass and the assault on his ears driving him steadily insane.

They both came hard, Christian practically collapsing as he shot off onto the bedsheets, Trey freezing before managing a last few shallow thrusts that set him off.

"Damn." Christian managed a moment later, pushing Trey off and out of him, shivering at the lost of contact, but not wanting to stick to the sheets.

"You made a bit of a mess." Trey pointed out lazily, not moving from where Christian had pushed him over.

"Shut up." Christian sighed, walking away. A moment later he was back with a wet washcloth, scrubbing at the sheets. Trey hadn't moved, except to remove the condom, which he'd just tossed in a random direction and hoped it hadn't hit anything important. Christian dropped the washcloth on Trey's face.

"Eulgh." Trey groaned, but cleaned himself up. Christian flopped bonelessly next to Trey, who shifted a bit, so that he was lying straight on the bed.

"So." Christian smirked. "Was it as good for you, as it was for me?"

Trey smacked him with a pillow.




"I think you should leave your shirt buttoned." James said seriously, his green eyes glinting with mirth.

"What? Why?" Christian's hand flew to his neck. "Goddammit."

"Heh." James smirked.

"Shut up." Christian said, buttoning his shirt back up to the neck. Then unbuttoning it again. "I don't care."

"I want some." James whined. Christian smirked.

"That's nice."

"I hate you." Trey sat down next to Christian and smirked. "I hate you, too." James muttered.

"Those desk chairs just aren't very comfortable, are they?" Trey asked, raising an eyebrow at Christian, who scowled.

"It normally isn't a problem." Christian scowled.

"Heh." Trey smirked and started to eat. Christian stared.

"I hate you."

"What? Why?" Trey asked, blinking at Christian.

"You eat like that and then have just bones. Bones!" Christian exclaimed, waving his fork around.

Trey smirked. "Yes, I've got lots of bones."

James died.

Trey laughed and Christian scowled, blushing.


Christian actually made him pay attention in class. Or at least do the homework.

Christian also took up most of his spare time, the time he didn't spend programming.

So two weeks later, there was nothing to kick Trey out of the boarding school. Trey's father almost had a heart attack when the headmaster relayed this news to him.

Trey's pants were on the floor and Christian's were too, when the knock on the door came. There was a bit of scrambling, and Christian ducked into the bathroom, while Trey pulled on Christian's pants, accidentally. No one would notice, really, since they were baggy on Trey's skinny ass anyway.

"Hello father." Trey greeted, and if he was a bit flushed and out of order, the elder Rockefellow didn't comment.

"Trey." The man replied, in a foreboding tone. Trey let him in, not bothering to do anything about the mess of clothing on the floor, ignoring the rumpled bedsheets and the various other things out of place in the room.

Rockefellow scowled at the mess, but didn't comment. "I've just come from your headmaster." He announced, leveling a glare that should have had Trey shaking in his boots, but for the fact that Trey had been seeing those glares since he was a child.

"Yes." Trey shut the door behind the man.

"He's informed me that there have been no problems with you." Rockefellow looked positively murderous at this, as though having his son behave was a terrible thing. Perhaps he liked having to pay those extensive bribes?

"Shocking." Trey muttered, moving to switch off the monitor on his computer and to put his notes away, well aware of his father's eyes on him the entire time.


"Well, what?" Trey asked, locking his briefcase even as he locked the computer down.

"What are you planning?" Rockefellow snapped.

"Nothing. I've been too busy to do anything." Trey scowled.

"Busy with what?" Rockefellow looked suspicious. Trey smirked.

"Work and my love life, neither of which concern you."

Rockefellow blanched. Though at the prospect of his competitors getting Trey's codes or Trey getting it on with another boy, Trey wasn't sure. Probably both.

"Was there something in particular you wanted?" Trey asked, sitting in his computer chair, raising an eyebrow at his father.

"No." Rockefellow spat out through clenched teeth.

"Fantastic." Trey muttered. Christian took this moment to enter the room through the bathroom, though he looked a lot less frumpled than Trey did, neatly dressed, and his hair combed.

"Christian." Rockefellow greeted warmly, a stark contrast to his behavior with Trey. Trey just rolled his eyes. Christian smiled warmly

"Hello, uncle." Christian chirped cheerfully.

"How's school?" Rockefellow questioned, and Trey smirked.

"Oh, pretty good." Christian smiled, sitting on Trey's bed without hesitation.

"Wonderful. Trey hasn't been too horrible to you, has he?" Rockefellow asked. Trey smirked, amused as Christian shook his head, blushing a bit.

"No, Trey's behaved." Christian replied, smiling wider. "He's fun to be around."

Rockefellow looked a bit shocked, but managed a nod. "Of course. Well, I'd love to stay and chat, boys, but I must be going, I have a business meeting in half an hour."

"Bye." Christian chirped again. "Call me again soon, I haven't talked to you lately." Rockefellow nodded, tossing one last scowl in his son's direction before stalking out the door.

Trey rolled his eyes at the man's retreating back. The door shut and he turned to Christian, who was frowning a bit.

"So I've behaved, have I?" Trey asked, smirking.

"What, you wanted me to tell your father that you've been a bad, bad boy?" Christian asked, smirking back.

"Well… no." Trey said, logging back onto his computer with a flurry of typed commands.

"Does it bother you?" Christian asked, leaning back onto the bed.

"What?" Trey asked, starting the code he was working on before Christian had distracted him earlier.

"That your father's so rude to you and so nice to me?" Christian elaborated, turning to watch Trey as he typed.

"No." Trey replied, absently, his fingers going at an insane clip.

"Are you sure?" Christian pressed.

"Yeah, I don't care." Trey waved it off before gluing his hands back to the keyboard.

"Hmm." Christian sighed and relaxed back onto Trey's bed. It smelled of Trey, really, a musky masculine scent. Christian scowled at Trey, who was absorbed in his computer. Normally, he'd go and paint, but he wasn't in the mood. He wanted to pick up where they left off, but Trey was in computer land, and very little distracted him.

Christian smirked, glanced over at the door. He didn't want Trey's dad walking in, or anyone else for that matter. It wasn't, and he hopped off the bed, and bolted it. Trey didn't look up, even as Christian crossed the room again and flopped down on the bed.

He breathed in deep for a minute, reveling in what he was about to do. His cock already twitched at the thought, and at the sight of Trey just sitting there, oblivious. Relaxed, Christian mussed his own hair, sighing at the feeling of his fingers running across his scalp. He smirked a bit, running his fingers lightly over the bite marks on his neck.

Slowly, he unbuttoned his shirt, shifting a bit so that his cock wasn't hitting the zipper of his slacks. He hadn't bothered with underwear in the mad dash to his room and back, and he didn't want scratches. That would be irritating for days.

There was nothing under the shirt either, and he tossed it casually on the floor, never moving more than a few inches from the surface of the bed. Trey didn't move, and the typing didn't still. Christian sighed, running his hands down his chest. He tweaked painfully at his nipples, imagining Trey biting them, and letting out a soft groan.

He smirked a bit when he heard Trey's keystrokes falter a bit before starting again with a fury. "Mmm, yeah." Christian sighed out, slowly unzipping his pants. The sound seemed to echo in the supernaturally still room. Trey stopped typing again, turning to glower at him, but the expression melted off his face when he caught sight of what Christian was doing.

Christian smirked at him, letting one of his hands snake down to stroke his cock a few times. He groaned again, biting his own lip as the warm sensation melted through him. Trey sat back, and Christian wanted to laugh, but he was busy. Without a second thought, Christian reached into the nearby drawer and pulled out the tube of lube he knew Trey kept there.

Seconds later he was panting as he ruthlessly stroked his cock, one hand buried between his ass cheeks, two fingers restlessly moving inside. "Aah!" Christian cried out as he finally managed to brush across his prostrate. Trey was still watching from across the room, even as Christian squirmed on the bed.

It didn't take long, really, what with Trey watching, and the fingers in his ass, and the firm pressure around his cock. Christian laid limp for a moment, barely pulling his fingers free. He cleaned himself on the sheet.

Trey scowled, standing from the chair. He stalked over to Christian, shedding his shirt. "That's fucking gross. Now I'm going to have to wash the sheets."

Christian laughed a bit. "You'll get over it."

"Bitch." Trey griped.

"Go sit down." Christian waved at the chair, smirking devilishly. "I'll take care of it," with a pointed glance at the bulge in Trey's jeans. Well, Christian's jeans.

"You better. It's your fault." Trey grumbled, stripping out of the pants, and reclaiming his seat in the computer chair. Christian laughed again, and stumbled off the bed, stretching a bit. Trey glowered, but his eyes didn't hesitate to take in Christian's nakedness.

"Shut up, princess." Christian mocked, settling down between Trey's wide-spread knees. He rested his hands on Trey's knees, gently massaging the skin right above the boney joints. "Fuckin' skinny." He muttered.

"Shut up." Trey muttered, shifting lower in the chair so that his cock was nearer Christian's mouth.

"Shut up he says. Perhaps I should just go paint." Christian made to get up. Trey scowled, and grabbed his head.

"Suck it, bitch." Trey snarled, but his tone lacked any venom. Christian laughed and licked away the leaking pre-come. Trey relaxed, letting his fingers tangle in Christian's hair. Christian lowered his head and slowly slid his lips down the length of Trey, taking him in his mouth, but not moving his tongue at all. Trey grunted a bit, but didn't move, letting Christian do his own thing.

Christian waited until he got all of Trey that he could fit in his mouth, and then started to bob his head vigorously, not even bothering to start out slow as he snaked his tongue around the throbbing cock in his mouth. Trey groaned deeply, but Christian's fire-hot hands on his thighs kept him grounded enough, and he didn't try to force more of himself in Christian's mouth. Christian paused once for air, panting, but didn't waste much time before sucking Trey off completely, Trey not bothering to suppress his groan as he shot off into Christian's mouth.

Christian grinned, licking his lips as he sat back. Trey opened one smoky grey eye and smirked. "Nice."

"I thought so." Christian purred, standing up.

"You think too much." Trey muttered, standing up to grab Christian's pants again. Christian laughed, poking at the few inches of ankle that showed beneath the jean.

"Says the computer genius." Christian smirked.

"You know this means I'll be around for a while yet." Trey changed the subject without compunction.

"What?" Christian frowned, confused as he ran an errant finger through the hairs on Trey's leg.

"I'm usually booted after the first visit." Trey explained, rolling his chair back to his computer desk. Christian sat up.


"Yeah." Trey watched with slight amusement as Christian scooted along the floor towards him.

"So you'll be around a while, then."

Trey scowled. "That's what I said."

"And we'll probably spend vacations together too, since we get along so famously." Christian mused. "This could turn out to be long term."

Trey scowled again, looking down at Christian where he leaned against the drawers of his desk. "At least for as long as I'm attracted to your ugly face."

"And as long as I'm enthralled by your supernatural skinny bones." Christian laughed.

Trey made a sour face. "What would you have me do? Eat more?"

"Hmm. You need more muscles. I proscribe exercise." Christian said solemnly. "I have just the thing in mind."

Trey smirked. "Do you really?"

Christian pretended not to notice Trey's smoky grey eyes fixed on his bare ass. "Yeah. You should run."

"Excuse me?" One of Trey's eyebrows rose.

Christian smirked. "Maybe swimming. You're kind of streamlined."

Trey smirked back. "Okay. So limit my exercise to swimming, nothing else."

"Well, the more exercise you get, the better…" Christian conceded, scowling as Trey ruffled his hair.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm working." Trey decided, turning back to his computer.

"I'm hurt." Christian proclaimed loudly, standing up. Trey smirked, giving Christian a quick leer and wink. "I'm going to go angst and paint emo-like for the next few days. Come get me if you decide you do love me more than that machine before I starve."

Trey just waved him off. "Will do."

Christian flounced out, not bothering to shut the bathroom doors behind him. A moment later his head popped back in. "I want my pants back too."

Trey laughed. "Later, bitch."

Christian scowled and turned with a huff, muttering to himself. A moment later, he called out, "Princess!" loudly, causing Trey to hit three wrong keys and smother a decidedly girly giggle.


Teh End, unless they wish to procreate à la bunnies. Which is entirely possible the way this happened.