Don me with your brightest plight, your dearest fright
I keep it all away, my sequined coup de feu
Your hand is my command so I fire from the first
So when, do tell me darling,
Does slumber end and the black ribbons fray?

Nothing dares to concentrate
To contemplate
The heraldry of cline
Past the bluebells and the real ones
The craven and the trite,
I based it all on you,
The Prince of slightest cist

The only one that you refused
Enlisted to desist

Kiss me, crave me,
Leave me on the pulpit and spit on my cheek
You've long since buried the snow and left the sting to its devices, so now I know
It's all your own pretension
A miracle of horror,
The cherry stain, the strain against the patter of liquid fame
Alight, apart from sorrow
In all your processed requiems, can my antithesis survive
To still love you like I do?