New Orleans in flood

I remember your friendship

I light a candle

Thots we have shared

Giving one the other hope

Now we wait for word

Pray…private alter

So oft a candle is lit

Gives to me memory

Candles all aglow

Tonight let us Take the Time

Trusting Life Flows on

Tonight the News are reports so devestating of loss of that is dear... Hurricane Katrina landed ashore on yesterday's morn... so much the heart break... A dear gentleman who is a Brother in the Catholic Church who plays the piano is someone I met through E-mails and he resides in New Orleans... Words of one of his last letters I received on Saturday evening..... Though I am personally not Catholic yetit is good that we can share our faith and find meaningful friendship in the sharing of thots.......

Hi Friends in Christ,

From the looks of things and from all we've been hearing on the TV, it looks like Huricane Katrina is heading right for us here in the New Orleans area. So, Help us with your prayers and I'll keep in touch when I can. So far we will definately have no school on Monday and who knows after that. So Pray for us here.

Prayers and Christian Love,

Bro. Joe