She twirls and dances upon the stars,
her wolf-eyes sparkle in the black-magic night.
She flies across the sky, soaring over moons and clouds;
no one will find her this high up.
She swirls past the horizon of broken-hearts
she tumbles along the road of pain,
And it's such a shame;
But, oh, what has happened?
She comes back strong.
Repeating, repeating, this motions repeating.
and still, she comes back strong.
You must see beyong the looks,
for she is more than just a pretty face,
Oh, she's so much more than that --
The faintest smell of the spider lilly,
The most graceful butterfly that soars through the sky...
She's been broken more times than we can count,
She's been bruised on countless occasions,
And through all and all, she still dances among the stars;
still the most amazing thing we've ever seen.