she used to do pirouettes along the milky way,
her eyes used to shine fiercely like a wild cat.
flying through the sky, stumbling on broken roads
always coming back strong.
but her strength is sinking away from her bones,
and she won't take my hand, now...
(weak, yet prideful.)

she used to soar through stars,
but her wings are tornly tattered now.
hope starts to become dry...
her wolf-eyes turned to serpant's
glowing with unceasing rage;
(hunting, not searching.
victims, not sisters.)

she used to be so beautiful,
a face like no other beauty.
she'd smile so admirably, i couldn't take it
but her expression turned twisted
snarles shape her lips;
her delicate, velvet voice -- screeching to a growl
whispers to screams.

she's darker than the night.

porcelain skin fell to a fainter red,
the promises she'd kept tucked under her sleeves
have crumbled into debris
and the pretty words that danced from her lips
are spilling into broken music notes.
(sloppy, and off-key.)
her truths faded into lies
she's unceasing, but failing slowly
her heart beats colder, colder...

everything she has touched
can only turn to dust.

skin crackling, rough as leaves.
it used to be so soft...

stones are softer
than her heart.
and she's turned into a shame.
twisters clean up better
than she does now.

she used to be an exquisite dream,
she used to be so strong.