When you embraced me

For the very first time

I truly felt loved

When you pulled me down

Down to the ground

I realized how much fun you could be

When you wiped away

All my hurtful tears

And asked what was wrong

I finally felt like I truly mattered to someone

You aren't real

I used to tell myself

Then I would touch you

And oh you felt so real

I remember staring into your deep eyes

And you staring into mine

For the first time in so long

I felt beautiful

I knew that you could not be real

You were of my fondest dreams

Then when you kissed me

And whispered in my ear

Never forget I love you

I truly believed it with all my heart

And with all my soul

Then, as quick as you came

You slowly began to fade away

I reached out and grabbed you hand

And with tears in my eyes

I begged you not to go

Not here

Not now

You looked deep into my eyes

And you said never forget me love

And with tears streaming down my face

I promised and I kissed you

One last time

Then I finally realize

That you were an illusion

And that you are gone for good

I am worthless

I am insignificant

I matter to no one

I am loved by no one

And then

As I sit and cry thinking of you

This thought comes to mind:

If no one cares

If no one loves you

Why go on?

A/n: This song is VERY personal to me please no flames, I hope you liked it!