Blessed Barricade

Mountains of fair majesty with peaks of snowy white

My eyes behold your beauty in the early morning light

Rising from afar to paint the sky above and ground below


Each day you greet my sleep filled eyes

Fill my ears with a symphony of sounds

Coaxing a hidden smile from somewhere deep inside

And setting my heart at ease


But my heart is groping for what lies beyond your pointed summits

Beyond the glistening waters of the many lakes and streams

Following the whispers of the laughing wind

The winking stars


To a figure with the eyes of earth's blessed soil

Hair of the dampened, withered bark of pines

And a lighted smile heaven's stars would envy


Because of you I cannot hold his hand

Or laugh at his wittiness and charm

Cannot be in awe of the silent joy between us

Nor can I feel the warmth in his sanctuary of love


I long for him as he longs for me


As beautiful as your mountain majesties may truly be

Your paths and might rob me of my destiny

Leaving my heart weeping in my bosom

Longing to be beyond the

Blessed barricade