Caress My Roses, Kill My Cat
By Anne Hereatta

Black petals falling from Hell
Your hate shines in my backward heart
Lilies rest on my naked eyelids

Bathed in gold, riches and fame
Yet hatred reigns the hearts of us all
Yellow coins, dark red blood

It's all the same to me now
From desert sands to arctic snow
Nothing's ever truly new

Some killed my baby black cat
My roses are wilted in the backyard
Dead cat hanging by the noose

Hatred's spreading through this land
And it's all because of you
Can't you see it's all too much?

Signs are flashing everywhere
We're all going to turn on you
Everyone meets their ends

Now your's is here for you

Author's Note: This is a little strange. It's just sort of about the hatred that's all around us. A lot of it was influenced by Hurricane Katrina. I was listening to the news and shocked to hear of the people shooting and stealing from abandoned shops and homes. How can anyone have the heart to steal from a family who's already lost so much? It's so wrong. I always believed that things like Hurricane Katrina would bring people together, but I see that sometimes it doesn't, which is really tragic in my opinion. Just something for you to think about.

Luv, Anne Hereatta
True Child of the Xenu