Dragon Half in a Puzzling Human World

Note: Inspired by Dragon-Half, Dragon Century, and Slayers. Young Amaryllis is born into the world with a dragon mother and a human father (I doubt the two species would be biologically compatible…It's fantasy for crying out loud !) and falls for a Dragon-Slayer named Lance !

Chapter 1—Humans Can Be So Strange !

Amaryllis was excited to be attending High School in the community of Okinawa. She was always used to growing up in the mystical land of Tulukin. There, she had grown up around those of her own kind. The only human she had ever seen was her own father, Curry.

Her mother, Lace, was the Royal Platinum Dragon, the ruler of Tulukin. How Curry and Lace met in and of itself was a miracle, and this was the reason that both parents wished for Amaryllis to explore the human world. It would be difficult at first, since she had been educated among Dragons her whole life. She hadn't had time to pursue a romantic relationship. Besides, she hadn't been interested in dating. She was quite the tomboy, and enjoyed having fun with her friends, even rough-housing with them. But, she would learn quickly that human men were very fragile. So, she had to be careful not to harm them. Even though she was tough and strong, she was a gentlewoman when it came to her mannerisms.

Amaryllis was dressed in the traditional Japanese schoolgirl outfit, but she looked rather odd to those around her, with her bronze wings furled behind her. Despite that, she made friends quickly and was always loyal and true to them. She adored going to High School, but she had to admit that these humans were strange sometimes, with their peculiar customs and style of dress. Yet, it was always enjoyable to observe humans and interact with them.

After another day at school, Amaryllis was walking home with her friends Terumi, Aki, Lani, and Setsuna. They often asked her about Tulukin and what it was like. But one thing that really piqued their interest was the story behind her parents' fated meeting. Amaryllis told them that Curry had come in from fishing and was walking back home when he noticed the sky was beginning to change colors. What happened next was metaphysical, having no other explanation in either human terms or otherworldly ones. Before the storm began, Curry ran home as fast as his feet could carry him in order to avoid getting struck by lightning. But, a vortex had formed…It was a typhoon ! The meteorologist's analysis of the weather had been incorrect. A thunderstorm was predicted, but clearly, it was more than just the typical display of electricity. He was pulled away from his shelter and sucked into the powerful vortex of the typhoon. He had been knocked unconscious by a small piece of driftwood. When he awoke, he was in Lace's world and was amazed at what he saw.

"When did your father meet your mother, Amaryllis ?", Lani questioned, curiously. Amaryllis chuckled and continued the tale of her parents. "One day, father was looking for shelter when he saw the most beautiful platinum dragon. He thought he had gone completely crazy, but he immediately fell in love with my mother. She agreed to take him into her care. They grew closer together as time went on and married each other. Mother gave my father the option of staying with her or returning to Okinawa, but he agreed to stay with her. That is, until I was born. Then, mother used her dimensional gateway spell to bring me here to introduce me to father's human world.", Amaryllis explained, grinning brilliantly. "That is so awesome !", Terumi exclaimed, ecstatically jumping up and down. "And so romantic too. This proves just how powerful love is, even among differing species.", Aki said, adjusting her square-rimmed glasses. "Hey, Amaryllis ! Do you think you'll have a spectacular love story like your parents ?", Setsuna asked. "Don't most young women strive for that, Setsuna ?", Amaryllis replied, with a sly grin, and a gentle chuckle. "Yes, of course. I believe that all of us here hope to fall in love someday.", Aki agreed. The other girls chuckled, and walked to the ice cream shop before returning home. It would soon be the weekend, and the girls had a date already set up to enjoy playing Dance-Dance Revelation in the arcade, also enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the mall.

Chapter 2—Lance, the Dragon-Slayer

Amaryllis bid her parents adieu as she set out for the afternoon with her friends to the mall. When they walked in, she had bumped into a young man she had never met before. He had striking long midnight blue hair, and eyes the color of turquoises. Behind his back was an enormous sheath that housed a gargantuan sword. His solemn gaze turned to one of glorious conquest. "Dragon-half ! At long last I have found you, and now I can slay you !", Lance said, a wild look in his eyes, and a maniacal grin upon his handsome face. Amaryllis was already smitten with this enigmatic Slayer, but that magnanimous sword he wielded also frightened her. "Wait a minute ! Why are you so bent on destroying me ? I have done nothing !", Amaryllis said, flying away from Lance. "Dragons cannot be trusted ! It is my duty to slay all dragons before they destroy all we hold dear !", Lance said, swinging his sword brashly, nearly nicking her arm with its' sharp steel blade. Amaryllis gasped and shouted, "Young man, I think you're highly mistaken ! Dragons have always protected humans. But some dragons are evil, just as some humans are. I am not an evil dragon half. Please don't kill me !", Amaryllis said, nearly begging Lance. Lance twirled his sword around and sheathed it once again. "You're right. I feel as though I have no other purpose left in this world though.", Lance replied, his expression downcast. "Don't say that…Wait, I never caught your name. I'm Amaryllis.", Amaryllis said, trying to console the mysterious Dragon Slayer with her dazzling smile and lovely scarlet eyes. Lance softly grinned at the dragon-half. He knew she had a good point. Bowing politely while taking her hand to kiss it, he responded. "I'm Lance Kamikaze. I have appreciated your enlightenment, and I hope there are no hard feelings between us. Besides, you may be able to help me discover my real purpose in life, seeing as there are no evil dragons to slay." Amaryllis blushed lightly, chuckling. "Oh, there aren't any hard feelings at all. You were just ignorant of the Dragon race, is all. Education opens our minds to all different kinds of viewpoints, and that's all I did, made you knowledgeable. Come on, Lance, let's go play some video games !", Amaryllis said joyfully. Lance smiled and followed the girls, who were not in the least bit jealous of their special friend finding such a cute guy to date. In time, they too would find love, but they weren't worried about that. The only thing that really mattered now was studying, and of course, beating each other at video games in fair competition.

Chapter 3—Lance's New Destiny

Amaryllis and her friends had a blast playing Dance Dance Revelation against each other. The whole point was to have fun. Lance caught on very quickly. For someone rather old-fashioned, he adored technology as he would a long-lost brother. The girls soon learned that Lance was attending a different school then they were. He lived in Tokyo, and had been trained in the art of fighting, exorcism, and sword fighting. But, he admitted that he had been brainwashed by his dearly departed father, who had also been a born and bred hater of all dragons, no matter if they had good souls or ill. Lance could only hope that his father approved of his friendship with a Dragon-Half. Besides, he was learning so much more than simply defending himself and others. He had learned that he wanted to protect others for the rest of his life. Thusly, he began his new program at school to become involved in Law Enforcement.

Lani, Setsuna, Aki, Terumi, Amaryllis and Lance left the Mall together, nearly exhausted from having so much fun together. They walked home, seeing everybody off to their respective domiciles. Amaryllis said goodbye to Lance, hoping she would see him again. "You will see me again, Amaryllis. I really like you, and your friends. You girls are a blast !", he said. All the girls swooned and squealed in bliss at that compliment, except for Amaryllis who simply blushed thinking, "Such silly females."

Chapter 4—The Present Day

High School years seemed to have come and gone so quickly for the girlfriends. They all had husbands of their own, and families to tend to. They also had their own jobs and despite their busy schedule, they were able to get together with Amaryllis every so often. Amaryllis had married her High School sweetheart, and they had two Dragon-Halves of their own, named Hyacinth and Lavender. It was quite ironic to think that a Dragon Slayer had two children that had dragon blood in their veins, but Lance adored his girls to no end. Also, Lance had learned to discern benevolent dragons from malevolent ones. But, there weren't any sinister dragons left to slay, so he only used his sword for practice rather than defense.

Lace and Curry were the proudest grandparents in Okinawa. The locals had grown used to the Royal Platinum Dragon. But, soon, Amaryllis would have to accept her destiny and rule the throne of Tulukin someday. Amaryllis's girls would come to rule the Kingdom someday as well. Eventually, Amaryllis had to return to her homeland with her Prince and Princesses by her side. She had touched so many lives that many were sad to see her go. But, she promised them all that one day she would return when her two daughters were old enough to take the throne and rule the land of Tulukin side by side. Then, she and Lance would return to live the rest of their days in Okinawa, just as her parents did.


Amaryllis's daughters became the Royal Bronze Dragons when they reached their 16th birthdays at the same time. They were fraternal twins and did things each in their own way. They were naturals when it came to ruling the mystical land of Tulukin.

When Amaryllis had returned to Okinawa, her parents and friends had thrown a special welcoming party in her honor. She was rather touched by this joyous occasion. It was the second time in her life she had let her tears flow freely. The other time was when her daughters had been born. These tears were ones of bliss, not of sorrow. Lance was also happy to be back home. His parents were deceased, but he knew that they smiled upon his glorious union with Amaryllis. Just like old times, Amaryllis and her girlfriends enjoyed the traditional summer fair in Okinawa, savoring the flavors of the multicultural foods. They had the time of their life experiencing the rush of the fair rides and the unconditional bonds of friendship.

At first, Amaryllis had thought humans were such puzzles, but now she knew just how magnificent human beings were. She had discovered that they were very loyal creatures. True, just like in the realm of Dragons, there were those who were of the darkness and those who were of the light, just like on Earth. But, she had also learned that friendship and love were powerful forces. If one could look deep within another's soul, they could see that person's true inner essence. And she had found that with her friends and husband. She was still half dragon, but there was always going to be a part of her that would be forever indebted to the human friends she loved so well.

The End

By: Elizabeth Berndt

July 27, 2002