Galadrel's Quest

Note: A shape shifter white dragon by the name of Galadrel has been wondering about humans for years and makes the decision to leave her home in the mountains to go observe them. Her quest is to find the one human who can understand dragons and keep their way of life alive in writing.

Chapter 1—Galadrel of the Mountains

Galadrel had lived among her dragon brethren for millennia now, relishing her existence as one of the more rare dragons that could change form. She had known about humans and the way they lived, but she had always been curious about them since she had been reading about them in the Academy. Illustrations and written history recorded by the clan were lacking in actual involvement with human beings. Dragons and human beings had coexisted at one point and time but after the incident involving a rouge irate fire breather during the Dark Ages, dragons had to protect themselves from humankind. Before long, they had hidden themselves in the highest peaks of the mountains and lived together amongst themselves in peace. But, human beings had forgotten about the dragon kind. They had dismissed dragons as nothing more but the stuff of legend. Galadrel was about to change all that. She had told everyone that she would be observing human beings and searching for the one rare human being that understood the Draconian tongue. This might be a more arduous quest than she would've wanted, but she wanted the reputation of her brethren to be restored. Gathering all the supplies she could Galadrel began to prepare herself for her journey. She left her den and said farewell to her enormous family. So, with her snowy head held high, she took upon human form and exited her mountaintop home to begin her quest.

Chapter 2—The Human Realm

It took many days to reach a human city, and Galadrel had to save her rations in order to survive but fortunately there was enough water in which to drink and bathe when she needed it. There was a small cave in which she could retire for the night and she would make camp there before she approached the human city. She felt butterflies in her stomach since she had never seen human beings up close before. Feelings of excitement, nervousness and eagerness were within her all at the same time. She couldn't help but smile before she went to sleep and thanked the Heavenly Ones for her safe arrival. If all went well, she would be conversing with humans tomorrow and looking for the one who would understand the ancient tongue of Draconian.

When Galadrel awoke she continued to walk toward a human town that was rather modern. The human community had changed since she had last seen it and she had to be cautious. She was almost hit by what human beings called a "taxi" but she kept her wits about her in this strange world. Fairly soon, she bumped into a human man who took pity upon her.

She could understand his language but didn't speak it very well.

"I can tell you're an outsider, especially because of your accent. Don't worry though. I'll help you find your way around the town. What exactly are you searching for, white-haired one if I may ask ?", the man questioned. Galadrel did her best to match his wording and slowly but surely caught on to the peculiar human language. The man's name was Edgar and he knew that Galadrel was no mere human. From her eyes he could sense that she was something more, but he didn't wish to say anything to her until he presented her with dinner.

Edgar had introduced Galadrel to all the sights and sounds of the town in which he resided and then allowed her to come inside his house for dinner. He had a big, white mutt named Blanche who really liked Galadrel and stayed close to her side at all times. She didn't know how to respond to Blanche's affection, but Edgar showed her how to give Blanche some loving in return. Blanche's fur was incredibly soft, even to dragon hands. Edgar revealed to Galadrel that he had known from the moment he saw her that she was a shape-shifter. At first, Galadrel was surprised that his human eyes could detect her aura. Secondly, she was impressed that he could detect her "accent" and her manner of speech. Edgar was no ordinary human.

In fact, she believed he was extraordinary, especially from his talents (which included culinary delights).

Chapter 3—Edgar's Library

After eating dinner, Edgar showed Galadrel around his home. Galadrel was most interested in Edgar's library. Edgar had myriads of books, even ones that showcased human history and legends of all cultures. There were so many books on dragons that she could hardly calculate how many he actually owned.

"Do you have any books on the Draconian tongue ?", Galadrel questioned.

"Actually, I have one that I was able to salvage from some medieval ruins. It may be rugged and some areas might be difficult to read, but here it is, Galadrel.", Edgar said, standing on his tiptoes to reach the tome. He gave it to Galadrel and she could hardly hold onto it since it was so heavy, laden with pages of Draconian writ. Catching her breath, she placed the tome on a table and began turning the pages wildly. The book covered the Draconian ways up to the Dark Ages and then stopping completely.

"Can you understand these writings ?", Galadrel questioned, hopefully.

"Yes, completely. My family has passed down the knowledge of how to read and speak Draconian. I'm the only living member of the family who knows the language and possesses this book.", Edgar said. Galadrel was sad that Edgar had no other living relatives but he was surviving and coping. From what she could discern, Edgar had many friends and everyone in the community adored him. If there were a question that anyone had, more than likely he would be able to answer it. What the community didn't realize was he descended from a long line of wizards and his family had been helping the community through magic for thousands of years.

Of course this magic also made him immortal. Unlike his predecessors, he had perfected the spell for immortality and had not aged one year past twenty-one. Galadrel wanted Edgar to return to the mountains with her. Begrudgingly, he decided to go along with her and have his best friend, Alonzo, take care of Blanche. But, Blanche didn't want to be left behind. He told her that he had to leave her behind, but she was determined to go with him into the mountains.

Knowing he would regret leaving his canine friend, he asked Galadrel whether dogs were accepted in her community or not. Sporting a dazzling grin, she nodded and told him that all kinds of quadruped companions were allowed in her haven. Overjoyed, Blanche barked and jumped up at his legs. Galadrel laughed and began to lead her newfound human friend to her home. This journey would be long but Edgar hoped he would be received openly by Galadrel's race. He knew there were still misunderstandings between humans and dragons but hopefully this would open a new era between the two races.

Chapter 4—The Bridge Between Two Worlds

Much to Edgar's surprise, the council of dragons readily accepted him into their world. The culture of the dragon race was different than that of the human race. They lived simplistic lives but were extremely profound and religious in everything they did. Edgar was impressed and inspired by what he had seen. He had always wanted to be part of the dragons' world, and now his lifelong dream was becoming reality. What he didn't realize is the council wanted him to be a conduit between their world and his. With his help he would be reeducating humankind on the true nature of dragons. There were no evil dragons left in the world. Even the rouge dragon that cared only for destruction and recreating a dragon-populated world was very rare and only mentioned in the Draconian writ. Humankind had not forgot these stories and that was the reason why humans and dragons didn't coexist. Edgar was about to take a grandiose burden upon his shoulder. He would have to convince dragon-loathers that no such rouge dragons existed any longer and all the dragons wished for was harmony if not understanding. They were meant to help human beings in the ancient ways, especially of knowledge of what can heal and what can harm. He had been given the blessing of the council. Blanche, his dog, had even been given blessings. But, she had to remain in the mountains while he and Galdrel traveled back into the human realm. One of the smaller shape-shifters, a mere child by age, decided to tend to Blanche's needs, and she was content with that, especially all the special attention to her grooming and pedicure needs.

Edgar knew that all that had to be done now was research and taking an envoy with him when he returned to his town. His town would be the first of many to encounter a living, breathing dragon for the first time in millennia.

After countless months of studying and writing, Edgar had finished updating the Draconian history books. He had also learned much from the academy where Galadrel attended classes. Dragons were taught until they decided to use their knowledge for another purpose and Galadrel had decided to take upon the council's challenge for her and her human counterpart.

She had already been in Edgar's town, but seeing other residences would prove fascinating and insightful to how other humans lived their lives from day to day. She wasn't nervous going into Edgar's town again and conversing with the humans she had met before. She even had a chance to meet Edgar's best friend Alonzo, who was a missionary that traveled from place to place spreading the Good News of the Bible to others. Galadrel had seen the Bible and she wanted to know more about it, but that would have to wait until some other time.

In time, Galadrel revealed her true form in the town to curious onlookers. Many were astonished to see that dragons still existed in the world and were among them. They barraged her with thousands of questions, but patiently and confidently she answered them. She proved to them all that she was not there to harm them and neither were her Brethren. It had always been a dragon's sacred duty to act as a sentinel to humankind. Should something happen, they would disguise themselves (if they happened to be a shape-shifter) and use their abilities to assist were they were needed. Most of the time, their efforts go unnoticed but many times the ones who have been helped are grateful. The only question that made her scales turn rosy in hue was one asked by an inquisitive and precocious little boy.

"Do dragons ever fall in love with humans or marry them ? If so, then do they have families or is such a thing out of the question ?", he said. Galadrel hid her regal face for a moment, embarrassed by the inquiry. To be honest, she didn't know how to answer. In all her years, she had never known any dragons to fall in love with humans, but that wasn't to say that it didn't happen. There had been records in the Draconian writ of half-dragons existing, but they were even more rare than her kind. She answered the boy's question and then found herself wondering if she herself had been falling in love. She noticed her heartbeat accelerating whenever she was in Edgar's presence. If the elders or her parents knew about this they might disown her, but she couldn't keep it hidden for long. The blush upon her elegant face would be a telltale reminder that she was drawn toward Edgar. Edgar, however, was unaware of this. Sooner or later, she would have to let him know how she felt.

As the duo began to travel from town to town, Galadrel found herself walking with Edgar alone in the moonlight. She had returned to her human form and decided to grasp his hand. For some odd reason, holding his hand in hers felt proper. She hoped that this outward display wouldn't be too forward, but Edgar didn't seem to object.

"You're awfully quiet tonight, Galadrel. Something is on your mind. Do you care to share it with me ?", Edgar asked, as they stopped on a bridge overlooking a lake. Below they could see their own reflections. Edgar's long, raven hair was draped over his broad shoulder and his violet eyes sparkled merrily in the moonlight. Galadrel's white hair was tied in a ribbon, matching her snowy clothing, while her ice-blue eyes glimmered. She was still holding his hand gently and she felt her cheeks become hot. Quickly, she turned her face away, hoping he wouldn't see, but he did.

"Actually, I do want to tell you something, Edgar. I think I am in love with you. I realize it must sound odd for me to be telling you something like this. I'm not saying a dragon hasn't loved a human being before, but…", she said, and then was stopped by Edgar drawing her close for a gentle hug.

"You didn't think I'd notice how you felt about me ? I knew it from the moment we met. I was just waiting for you to say something. How could I not love you ? You're an incredible creature and I feel fortunate for having you by my side in this journey.", Edgar said, stroking her feathery white hair.

"What about the Elders though ? If they discover that I have romantic inclinations…", Galadrel began before Edgar placed a slender finger upon her lips.

"We will tell them together when the time is more opportune. We still have a lot of ground to cover and we need to find a place to rest for the night. I'm certain there are plenty of hotels and motels in this city where we can stay. Tomorrow, we'll get a taxi and make our way to the metropolis.", Edgar said, hugging her once more and then releasing her. This time, Edgar offered his artistic, yet stalwart hand to her and she grasped it tenderly.

Chapter 5—The Return to the Mountains

It was an enervating trip from the city to the metropolis and back to the suburbs, but the journey was not yet through. Galadrel and Edgar had done all they could to reeducate humans about the true nature of Dragons. Many accepted these truths but some refused to believe them. It didn't matter what kind of person they were, if they were in trouble, there was always a dragon watching from a lookout point somewhere in the mountains. He or she would come and lend whatever assistance he or she could. The only matter of any importance now was offering dragon history to libraries. Many libraries welcomed the history and offered it to many inquisitive minds. Libraries were far more accepting to this, even if they didn't realize it was the truth.

They only wanted to encourage reading and enlightenment. What they didn't know was they were helping Galadrel and Edgar's cause.

After the trip into the country, Galadrel and Edgar stopped at a restaurant to eat. It was getting late and they would have to make camp somewhere after they had dinner, but the trip back into the mountains was relatively easy. Galadrel knew where she was going and she could fly Edgar there in no time whatsoever. After dinner, they paid their tip, thanked the waiters for their attentive manner and courtesy and were once again on their way.

Galadrel and Edgar paused for one last time outside of a cozy looking cave. Not being used to the atmosphere of a cave, Galadrel transformed into her usual self. She kept her wing over Edgar to keep him warm and shield him from the tiny winter snowflakes. It was almost spring, so the snow wouldn't be falling for much longer. Winter had been bothersome though, however, they had survived it and had managed to keep themselves warm despite the bitter cold. Galadrel didn't mind keeping her love warm. She watched over him as he slept and then soon fell into a deep sleep herself. Tomorrow, she would be flying him back to the haven and then they would be telling the council of their success. The only real test now was telling the council that they were in love with one another and wished to become married in the next year.

Neither of them was certain how the council would receive that news, but both had to remain positive. After all, they had known each other for a long while and loved each other very much.

They couldn't bear the thought of not being part of each other's lives.

Chapter 6—A Dragon Always Knows

Finally, Edgar and Galadrel returned to her home in the mountains and they spoke to the council. The elders were very elated at what the duo had done. Blanche, who had not seen her master in months, had run into the council building to greet him, barking and licking his face intently. She was also to see Galadrel, whom she had come to know as a second master. But it wasn't surprising. Dragons and animals, even smaller animals, had always lived together in harmony. This was just part of their subconscious memory, and that cannot be erased.

"Is there anything else you wish to report to us, Galadrel ?", one of the elders inquired.

At first, neither of them spoke out, but Edgar wanted to confess his true feelings for Galadrel.

At that moment, the elder stopped him and then stated,

"No need to say a word, Edgar. A dragon always knows. I could see it within both of your eyes that you are both meant to be together. I wasn't certain at first, but I can see love has bloomed in your hearts. I grant you both permission to be joined at whatever date of your choosing. Let it be so.", the elder said, showing off his pearly whites. At that moment, Galadrel morphed into her human form and jumped into Edgar's receptive arms. He drew her face closer to his and they shared their first kiss together. They would be sharing many more of those as they grew closer together but the first kiss was absolutely breathtaking. Albeit the kiss had lasted only for a few moments, to the lovers, it would remain fresh within their minds and hearts.


Once a year passed, Galadrel and Edgar married and resided in the mountains most of the time. The two of them had a brood of seven children, 3 boys and 4 girls. The boys were named Haru, Fafner, and Lysander. The girls were named Tamarau, Djolaan, Imtra, and Ragna.

They were only infants at this point and had not yet harnessed their unique gifts but they would learn in time. Edgar was ebullient that he had gotten more than he had ever bargained for. Not only had he married the woman of his dreams, but he also had seven magnificent children to call his own. His best friend Alonzo was pleased for them and had been very touched by Edgar's generosity to let him have his old house. After all, he wouldn't need it where he was now and it was a perfectly honorable gesture. As a manner of showing gratitude, Alonzo would come and visit Edgar, Galadrel, the children and Blanche every weekend and he would even help take care of the little ones. Dragon children were similar to human children, except they had to be taught how to fly later on in life. With his magic, Edgar could transform into any bird of his choosing, but he wouldn't have to do so until the children matured and their wings had completely formed. At this period of their lives, their wings were small and insignificant, barely able to support them.

He would be prepared when that time came, though.

The seven children grew and continued to learn as they went through different stages of their lives. They also learned of their gifts. All the children had the ability to shape-shift, but each of them had a different talent or ability. Haru could wield fire and control heat. Fafner could use healing magic like his father. Lysander had the ability to manipulate the earth. Tamarau could control water. Djolann could control electricity and also could use her mind to levitate objects. Imtra had the power of ice and wind. And finally, Ragna had the ability to control sound and the ability translate gibberish into comprehendible language. Each of the dragons were white but had a personality all their own. All seven were incredibly well behaved and hoped to be a part of the council someday. Even if being a part of the council wasn't a part of their career plan once they were old enough to venture out on their own, they would go where they felt they could do the most good. In any event, both parents and their godfather, Alonzo, were all very happy at the children's development. They knew they had been blessed and thanked the powers that be above for being so honored by such incredible minds.

The End

By: Elizabeth Berndt

February 25, 2005