I kind of forgot this

I kind of forgot the goodness to

I kind forget that

Every time I see I despair forgot about the good times

Every times I laughed and smiled, every time I looked at you and

Smiled smile that no one else bought

Kind of forgot that point

Now everything is collapsing in

I can your face

Smiling the grey

I kind of forgot the good things

All the times I laughed with you and smiled

I guess I should remember

I shouldn't judge a book by its cover

Ive already lived through this

Suppose another chapter read again

Now im moving on

To learn a new lesson but I need

To remember the good things that have been

Remember the highlights

I filled in

Remember laughs, the smiles the glances

so im happy even when,the sky turns backwards

i have re read another chapter

but for i have to remember the good things

that i think

i kind of forgot