hey peoples! yay 2nd poem! please r&r


You see people everywhere

If we had God's eyes

How many people would we see

Wearing a mask?

Why do people wear a mask?

People wear them so

They can be liked or loved

Are you willing to

Turn your back

On yourself and God

To be like a sinful person?

Are you willing to

Turn your back

On what God has

Made you to become?

Can you wear a mask

When one of your friends dies

And say, "I don't care about them."

When you really do?

How can you wear a mask

And know that if you do not

No one will like you

For who you are?

Can you wear a mask

And turn down your friends

Who like you for who you are

To follow the crowd?

How can you date someone

While wearing a mask

And know they are hiding

So that you can become popular?

My child, take off the mask

Open your eyes and heart

Let your true self

Run free.

God has made you

Who you are

Do not wear a mask

Just trust God and yourself.