It feels like waking up.
That is the only way I can desribe what I find myself looking at.
You know that akward feeling you get in the morning when you've left half your mind in the dreamworld? That what this is.
This is hell.
God is trying to take back the planet.
Or is it the other way around? Is the planet trying to shake the fleas off, and God has nothing to do with it?
It doesn't matter much. Either effects me just as badly.
This feels like waking up.
This is when instincts come in very handy.
They did for me.
In truth, I don't remember how I got my daughter and wife out of bed and onto the roof. It was all reflex.
The winds are strong, and the waters are high.
I'm dreaming of Venice.
So is all of my family apparrently. They all see it too.
You can smell the horror, you can taste the stench of it.
I tell myself its my daughter and my wife, that they are weak to this because they are female, and that I am a strong man, I can't be afraid. No, I know Delores and Anna are much stronger than me.
What do you say at a thing like this?
I think it is the weisenheimer in me to make such a stupid comment as this, "Nice weather huh"
Thank you God for a such a family. They laughed. Actually laughed, not a half-hearted chuckle... But a real goddamn laugh.
It feels liking waking up in a big fucking storm.

Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to sleep on the roof?
I passed out from exhaustion.
Damn, look at all the houses I can see from here.
I keep myself talking in my head so I can ignore the horror that will supersede it soon.
Do you see it Anna, I ask.
"Yes daddy I do." Anna smiles and snuggles into my lap next to her mother's napping head.
Why do they seem happy? Do they really think I have any answers, much less all of them?
Look towards the sun Anna, but not at it, I say. I pat her on the head.
"I know daddy, it'd burn my eyes"
God, she's only six. She must have an old soul.
God please help us. I never was a religious man. But now I need you.
How did I get to this point?

What should we do? I ask, knowing the answer already.
"Well," Delores begins, "we know what we will return to if we leave. And I don't know about you but I kind of enjoy my house. I also imagine Anna would kill us if her toys got detroyed, heh heh." She paused for us to chuckle quietly as we passed Anna's room on our way to the master room. "Besides the weatherman said it wouldn't be that bad"
But the one on cable said it would be, I comment.
"Didn't he also say we would all be dead from last month's lightning storm?" She chuckled. "Honey, trust me, we'll be fine."

Sitting on the roof and trying my hardest not to look at anyone else on their houses, I pause to consider something that has haunted me.
I knew this would happen. Something in me knew this was on its way. And I didn't fight.
I didn't fight and I lost.
I close my eyes and my brain starts yelling obscenities at me.
"How the hell can you sleep at a time like this"
Easy, just watch me.