If you've never heard the whispers, the shifting of the game,
Then you'll never know who's calling you, out there beyond the rain.
You'll never know the feeling of the north wind in your fur,
Nor of the cold white snow below, so obdurate, so pure.
The earth cries out in howls and barks; I heed Her call alone,
Across the plains of man's domain, of gunpowder, of stone.

Not everyone can hear Her call, and so the men take aim,
Their bullets pierce my flank like knives, they set my soul aflame.
But there it is, just out of reach, and so for ages I endure
This hell on earth, this treachery, these insults, dog and cur.
I know it's there, I see it now, beyond their hearts of ice,
The special place that calls to me, my heaven; paradise.

My pads are thick, my muzzle clean, my pace caref'lly maintained,
And yet—so strong—it draws on me, this weariness, this strain.
These ancient lands of leaves and grass, of oak and pink and fir,
Call out my name through whispered gasps, the heart of Nature's stir.
And I alone respond to Her, rejected with a scowl,
From dogs and men and life itself, a lone wolf on the prowl.

Author's Note: My second ever Creative Writing poem! Due in about eight hours! Whoo! This one's all rhymey, which isn't really me, but meh, it's not too bad. Seems kinda short though...like it could go on more...but it's after midnight and 8am classes are like rabid hamsters with machine guns. Tiny little ones for their tiny little paws, but deadly nonetheless. --

Author's Note II: Once again, critique is welcomed with hugs and cuddles, because this is a first draft; the final draft is ude at the end of the month. Anything you think could make it better, please, tell me. I want good grades, mon! I do!

Author's Note III: This turned out really Wolf's Rainish, so if you're familiar with that anime/manga, then um...yeah. Think Kiba. I like Kiba. Kiba-y goodness. Not fanficiton though, so...gods I'm too tired to be doing this... --