Dance At Midnight

Somewhere in a crowded ballroom

Somewhere where the flowers bloom

Somewhere away from the sunlight

Somewhere we'll dance at midnight

Pale moon raises in the sky

The sun must now say goodbye

And then we'll meet, just us two

We'll dance until the night is through

You'll hold me tight in you arms

We'll dance under the star-like charms

And we'll hold each other close

And then you'll see, I'm nothing but a ghost

I'm the girl behind the mask

I'm the ghost at midnight with a task

I'm always there to dance with you

Even if our dance was never true

Nothing but an image in you mind

And slowly are bodies will be entwined

I'll hold you close with my curse

And sing to you a haunted verse

Now and forever you'll dance with me

Never again will your heart be free

My curse will bind you to my side

Even when the world has died