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If I wrote what I was feeling-

Would anyone want to see it?

If I wrote what I was feeling-

Would anybody care?

If I wrote that I missed her

Would she come back?

If I wrote that I loved him

Would he confess the same?

No, they wouldn't, so why open my heart

So that everyone can look inside and rip it all apart?

Telling everyone my hopes and dreams

How I think everyone's more fragile then they would like to be

Sharing all my thoughts and ideas

With the terrible knowledge that nobody cares

And all the effort I put and the words that I chose

Hardly mean anything, they're nothing at all

They're just words I put in place of an empty page

And the context is always about life's miserable games

And if I write and you relate then it's all just grand

But too often I've written and the pen's burned my hand

Too often I've told secrets without saying a word

Wishing this silent screaming couldn't be heard...