Master Of The Game

I am the master of this game

Too lose would be an awful shame

For what dangles on the line you see

Is your soul, your life, given to me

I'll keep you caged forever

I'll trick you, tease you, I am clever

For I have stolen your soul

And now I'm in completely control

You may try and run and cry

But you're mine, until you die

Locked away from the light of day

You'll sit next to me, feet over the bay

Only moon light will see you now

I own you as you took a stupid vow

You are the one that rolled the dice

And now you'll find my heart is ice

Die from the cold, I don't care

Just sink to your knees in prayer

Though not even the Lord can save you

I'm the only one that knows the way through

But like I said, my game, my rules

Will you fall like all the fools?

Or make it, own it, win my land

Or fall right down into my command?

And there you'll stay, my little slave

Until I lay you in your grave