Wait and see

Till the darkness falls

Beyond the sea

Wait and see

Till the world turns to me

Wait and see

Till your life hangs in the balance

Wait and see

Till your mind questions everything you believe

Wait and see

One day everyone in this world

Will need to see

A truth that is hidden from you and me

Wait and see

As the sunset falls beyond the clouds

Wait and see

A couple of years from now

The truth because then you'll see

What you all did to me

I don't think it could have been worst

But come to think of it

It made you who you are

And not to be mean

But to me a McDonalds burger flipper

Really isn't for me

Where as all that taunting

And all those nasty names

Have stayed with me till this very day

And I don't care because what ever you do next

Whatever you can say

You can't ever bring me down

On this perfect day

I have seen so clearly that my mind is perplexed

I can see each ones name that since I have forgot

I can see beyond the future and up towards the stars

For is who you want to be

And I shall always be me

Because according to my premonition

You all shall see

That a truth will be revealed

And just a hint

It wont be me

Who's hurt after it comes out?

It will be you.