Bottled Perfection for Toilet Bowl Dreams

Special priviledges for beauty's brillant
Slice up failure to make them perfect
Watch the average crumble around them
Nothing takes the spotlight but arrogance

Shining through clay-pots and mirrors
They mimic beauty in all it's hidden flaws
Holding up their problems with a stick
On display to make the weak feel better

This is only after unknowingly beating them
With the magazines with their faces on it
Showing off images of who they'll never be
Despite the effort that's condemning them to death

After all, anything is possible for those of us
Lucky enough to have a curvy, slim waist
And a shimmering smile upon a pretty face
Perfection for 6 easy payments of 99.95

Hide their other flaws with pills of all varieties
Each interacting and toying with the sickness
Bloody vomit lacing the toilet after every glance
At pretty posters of their dream body on the wall

Nothing stands between them and ultimate perfection
Except that shiny tombstone from the outlet store
Bought at the same price as illness and a slim waist
But longer-lasting and showing off their immanent failure

The tombstone that they couldn't refuse
The beautiful have to die young after all
They didn't think they desereved such a death
While condeming themselves to their sickness