The Crystal Flame Of Faith


The old man fell to the ground as her whip struck him hard across the face. "What's wrong old man, can't you fight, are you ready to die?"

The elf stood firmly " I won't give into you, I won't die, not now!" The woman looked at him disappointed, he had not given up. She put away her whip and unsheathed her sword as she approached him.

She swung her sword "This is for my dad, you scum!" The man quickly parried.

"Give up you won't win."

"Yes I will!" The elf replied running at the woman his sword raised. Just then an arrow out of nowhere struck the man in the side of the head. He stood there, his eyes rolled back and forth as if he where terrified, then he fell straight to the ground but not before he took one unexpected swing at her and fell to the ground.

Blood poured from his lifeless body as the woman grabbed her arm, he had succeeded he wounded her arm. That arrow came out of nowhere Drew thought, was it supposed to hit him or her. The woman looked around the thick trees, the only light poured in from thin openings, which let in the softness of dawn.

"Are you ok?" Said a deep voice from the darkness beyond the thickness of the trees.

"I'm fine. Who are you?" She said putting her sword away. Her arm began to drip and she started to feel dizzy. She walked to a tree and slid down the trunk lifelessly.

The next morning, the woman woke up in a familiar room to the sound of her name? "Drew…Drew…Drew…Drew! Wake up already your breakfast is going to get cold." She sat up and looked around the room, light poured in from the balcony illuminating the room's linins.

A woman handed her a wooden tray, containing eggs, bacon, pancakes, and a glass of milk. "Mom, what happened?" Drew said then drank some milk."

"You don't remember you almost died yesterday, I can't believe you don't remember."

"Oh ya that jerk almost cut my arm off! Where is he? That's right he's dead." She finished off her food.

"I'll be down stairs if you need me." Her mother said walking out the door.

Drew walked over to the table in the middle of the room and looked around again, it had changed over the past two years. It was completely refurnished, last time she had seen it, it had been torn apart because of the robber.

Drew called her servants to her, they rushed toward her, they remember her two years ago, when she was fourteen and a brat, but a lot had happened since then and she had grown out of that stage.

"Morning Drew, how are you this mourning?" Said one of the surfs quickly undressing her. We drew your just the way you always have it, I hope that's alright?"

It's fine, and so am I. By the way I'm not the little brat you remember, things have changed." Drew said about to cry as she stepped into the gentle water.

"Yes ma'am, we'll remember that, thank you." Another servant said as they all left the room. Drew looked out the window out the sky and closed her eyes. Moments later she remembered her arm and pulled it out of the water. It was gone. One of the town healers must have healed it while she was out.

When she was finished she walked over to a seeder wardrobe and found some clothes. The dress she chose fell down past her ankles and dragged behind her. Drew walked out of the room and down a long set of stairs that instead of creaking played soft music played as she stepped.

She walked over to her mother who was sitting at the table having her breakfast. "Hi, mom." He said kissing on the cheek.

"Morning dear." A knock struck the door as she greeted Drew. Drew ran to the door and flung it open.

"Hello Drew." Said a tall young man with long brown hair and deep blue eyes.

"Hello Rob." She said, Drew had not seen him in years and she acted as so.

"So how are you?" he said kissing her hand. Drew bowed her head.

"I'm fine and you?" She said looking deeply into his eyes.

"I'm great, it's nice to see you but I must go, please give this to your mother?" He said handing her a package and turning to leave.

"Bye Rob." She yelled after her.