More Than Just Pain
E.M. Hunton

So everything that I know
has been ripped from beneath my feet
and I dig in my fingernails
hoping to retain something
but that only makes me bleed

and this downward spiral
never ends
and hope
seems unattainable

And I keep hearing
in my mind
pain, fear, death
and I feel all alone

and I know that this isn't it
that there is hope
but I wish that I could see it

so instead
I get upset about little things
that really don't matter
that way I have some outlet for the pain

and is that all i search for?
an outlet for my pain?
God help me see there's more to this.

I refuse to believe
I've been damned from birth
in spite of every attempt to destroy me
the only death I will die
is death to myself
that I might rise from the ashes
and live.