Breaking My Heart
By S. A. Hereatta

Hold my devotion oh so close to your heart
Swimming in a sea of hatred and love

I'm being pulled in two by the fighting waves
Drown me in all your forget and neglect

I see what she's done to you, to all our love
She's stealen what could have been but never was

I never even kissed you on the lips
I never got a hug or a good-bye

You didn't even break my heart because you never had it
You left it on the table just out of reach

Your fingers would brush it every little while
And it would skip a beat in hopeful awe

Then you'd smile and it would break in its desire
I know I never told you all the things said right here

I know you'll never understand what I'm saying
But understand now that I love you and always will

Even with her around and my heart shattering all around me
I will be here for you, waiting by the sea

And one day when you awake from your lustful dream of her
You'll hold me in your arms and it will be my name you're whispering in an ear

Author's Note: I know this is definitely not one of my best poems but I think it's better than some...